Goal Of The Gold – End Zone Object Lesson

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Goal Of The Gold – End Zone Object Lesson

Gold, goals, and end zones… How can these three things be connected? And what object lesson could they possibly teach? Well, those answers are much easier than you might think!

Images & Object Lessons

goldJesus taught with vivid imagery. And many good teachers have followed His example. Images help us remember. So I am using some powerful images for that same purpose. My goal is to help you grow in Godly living. Why? Because that benefits you, me, our culture, and the Kingdom.
Goals are familiar to everyone. Sometimes we set a goal. Other times we are reaching for a goal. And then there are those times we are yelling and screaming because someone ran the ball across the goal line. So goals are part of everyone’s experience this time of year. That might be in the form of some upcoming New Year’s Resolutions and/or when your team is in the big game. Whatever the case, I want those goals to remind you of the lesson in this series of posts.
goldGold represents the resources we have for living life. Everyone is concerned with it. We work for it. Financial planners help us manage it. Things like IRA’s, 401K’s, and other retirement instruments help us grow our gold and meet our goals! And if growing one’s gold is valuable, then it’s even better to grow in Godly living.
End zone celebrations… I am not sure what image or images that brings to your mind. But I am sure you have one! And I’ll warn you now that I have a twist on that image. But that’s for later. And I hope this series will come to your mind when you see your next holiday, end zone celebration!

Gold In Instruction

goldThe object lesson begins with a simple instruction found in Ephesians 5:1. We are to be imitators of God. There is vivid imagery behind the words imitators as dear children. We’ve all seen a child mimic its parent. That can happen when they step in our footprints, speak as we do, or dress like their parent. The little guy in the picture is a superb example of this idea. And that is how you and I are supposed to be in terms of imitating God.
So let me leave you with some questions. Is imitating God one of your goals? How does gold help us imitate God? And how will an end zone celebration remind you to be an imitator of God?
goldProverbs 16:16 tells us wisdom is better than gold. So maybe the object lesson will move us toward appreciating Godly wisdom more than gold https://impotenzastop.it/kamagra-oral-jelly/. If so, that’s a huge step forward in Godly living! More next time…stay tuned!

Soli Deo Gloria! 



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