It’s Giving Tuesday! That might have slipped up on you as this day has traditionally followed Black Friday. But in light of the unusual circumstances the pandemic has handed us, some creative folks have declared today, May 5, as Giving Tuesday. It’s a worldwide effort to encourage giving to assist with the many needs all around us.

Giving TuesdayGiving Tuesday

EquipUs has created a guide to help with this special Tuesday. It has several ideas and they are very practical. But you may have other ideas. And for those who can and will share a few dollars with others, let me encourage you to use more than one of the ideas in our Giving Guide.

When you see them, you’ll see one idea could be repeated with multiple recipients. And that’s the goal. Do as much good as possible. Combine the best of our ideas with your own. Be creative and please encourage other to do the same. Post this on your social media pages, tell friends, etc.

I noted this in the Guide. The great thing about having another Giving Tuesday in the calendar is real people make the giving decisions – it’s a not a government thing. Unlike our state or national governments, we all know individuals facing specific challenges and we know that a one-sized solution doesn’t fit all problems.

If You Choose Giving Tuesday

This post and the Giving Guide isn’t really about donating to EquipUs – although that’s needed if you choose to do it. But I’ll briefly mention our specific concerns a little further down.

Zig Ziegler was famous for encouraging people to pursue their own dreams and goals by helping others achieve theirs. That’s not a direct quote of Scripture, but considering others as more important than yourself is! (see Philippians 2:3) And that’s why I think Giving Tuesday is worthwhile, especially if we use our resources to love in Jesus’ name (the Good Samaritan) and/or to promote the Kingdom.

As far as EquipUs goes, the pandemic forced the postponement of our Mulligans’ Island Event @ TopGolf. That was strategically timed to precede summer months when giving can taper off a bit. Three of our spring mission ventures have also been postponed. And about that…

Our ‘reopening’ will probably carry some unexpected expense. I am anticipating having to go into each of our work areas alone (maybe with 1 other brave volunteer!) and just let people see for themselves that it’s safe to return to ministry with our friends. I’ve talked with medical professionals about that and will share their advice elsewhere. But for this post, just know those ‘solo’ trips weren’t in the budget when this year began – along with many other things none of us expected! BUT…God is good and He is not surprised.

A Final WordGiving Tuesday

As much as I like the added giving day, I’m not sure it’s widely known. With that in mind, let me encourage everyone to take some of the ideas in the Guide and do them throughout the month. For all online donations to EquipUs using THIS LINK in the month of May, we will be expressing our thanks with a surprise gift. It will be delivered in the e-receipt email.

I will do my part to be helpful. There will be little reminders in many posts this month about helping others. And the best of those would be hearing from you about what you got to do and the difference it made. Those would be GREAT posts if you will share with me. We will only share them anonymously and with your pre-publishing approval.

Soli Deo Gloria! 

If you missed the links above, you can download the EquipUs Giving Guide HERE.


Keith Burnett |