Gift As Promised: And Other Things!

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I have gift for you! And yes, it’s late. But promises made must be kept – even in the computer age!

A Gift: And Apology

I honestly believed this gift would be available to you last week. Evidence is in Treasure To Triumph: Required ‘T’ Keys. There was and is a great desire on my part to give you something truly helpful. And I fully believe this piece will be very helpful and encouraging to those who live with it for a while. To read it once and put it down won’t do much good. But as a reference resource it can be a tremendous aid to spiritual growth in 2018. And that won’t do anything but make the years that follow all the better. So what went wrong?

As you may can tell, my technical skill lags far behind what my heart desires to do! I could just blame the delay on the computer. We all know how frustrating technical issues can be. And those frustrations lead to some funny memes that I am happy to share. Because technical issues aggravate me on a regular basis! But the truth about this gift is I had to have some help to put this resource in your hands. The holidays made that a little more challenging than it would have been otherwise. So the delay is all on me. Sorry.

A Gift: And A Need

Earlier posts alerted readers to some behind-the-scenes improvements to our website. One of those improvements is an e-book builder. How it works isn’t really important. But Why it’s there is important. And that’s the need I want to share.

The need is your prayers. You could probably have guessed that since it’s a frequent request. And in this case the need is about bringing some things together. The first item is 2 Timothy 1:6-7. The gift of God in me is Pastor/Teacher. And that means I am always looking for ways to help people better understand and apply the Word of God. Why? Because that Word is life to all who will believe.

Second, a lifetime of ministry has shown me many things. One of those is how many mistaken ideas believers carry around with them. I see Christians struggling with great weights of misconception and misunderstanding. And it’s so unnecessary. But it happens because our enemy has deceived so many with what I’ll just call stinkin’ thinkin’. It’s a great joy to share God’s Truth with people and see the freedom and encouragement it brings. You can almost see loads lighten as Truth shines its light into their lives.

And that is the Why of the book builder. You already enable me to do a great deal of writing and teaching. That body of material needs to make its way to others. And being able to put some of it in book form is one way for that to happen. So please pray for my learning curve with technology!

A Gift: This One

If you are reading this then you very likely read the three previous posts about Tragedy, Triumph, & Treasure. So you need a ‘head’s up’ about this e-book. The opening is something of a summary of the blog post series. But it’s much shorter. The purpose was to give readers a necessary reference point for why transforming our minds is necessary. Then the promised resource follows and concludes the work.

The creative Who Am I? resource is for every believer. But what about those who haven’t believed (yet)? The ones still seeking are why I put the front of the book together as I did. So you can do two things with this gift. First, use it for yourself. It won’t help anyone because I put it together. It can help anyone because it is the Word of Life. See for yourself. Second, feel free to share a link with family or friends who are still asking questions about faith and belief. They can also download it and we can all pray that it will help some come to faith.

Soli Deo Gloria! 



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