Finding Peace In Unseen Hands

Are unseen hands a reality? Yes, they are! And that reality can help tired, struggling disciples find peace and rest. And we need look no further than a very familiar Bible character to find the rest we desperately need! So let me direct you to the book of Ruth. It’s a short read. There are many truths to learn and apply. But let’s focus on the unseen hands that are so real in the account of Ruth’s life. If we do, we can find rest and peace for the lives we live today!

Unseen Hand: Needed Reality

unseen hand Most of us are parents. We know the responsibility of caring for the children we love so deeply. Others of us have been responsible to care for nieces and nephews. Maybe we have cared for the child of a friend.  Whatever our experience, we know many things are lovingly done for a child.
But the child remains unaware. They don’t notice our watchful eyes and ready hands. Children don’t realize that potentially harmful items have been removed from a room. Just a small amount of reflection on the subject allows us to compile quite a list of actions taken to care for a child. Yet the child remains blissfully ignorant of most, if not all, actions taken. This is what we see in the book of Ruth. She was ignorant of the actions taken by Boaz.

Unseen Hand: Goodness In Action

unseen handRead through the verses of Ruth. How many things did Boaz do for her? She was unaware of his conversations with his reapers which were for her benefit. There are other things Boaz did for her. How many can you find?
Put yourself in Ruth’s position and think of Boaz in God’s position. Just like we care  for our own, God cares for His own and we are often unaware. The Scripture tells us to give thanks in all things. We do not know the actions our Father has taken on our behalf. Even in difficulties He is at work for us.
It’s relatively easy to count our blessings and give thanks for them. And we don’t even do that as often as we should. But there’s an equally important thing we do even less often. What is it? Thanking our Father for the unseen (by us) things He does on our behalf. His unseen hand has:

  • Guided you
  • Protected you
  • Provided for you

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Have you ever offered a prayer of thanks for His unseen actions? That’s a reliable path to peace and rest. If we regularly acknowledge His protective hand we can live in the reality of the unseen. So start now. Thank Him for His unseen hand!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Keith Burnett |