Equip.Us And Stewardship

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Equip.Us is one way we can be good stewards of what God has given. And this post will begin to illustrate that before we launch our new website next week! (check out the countdown – look right!!!)

Equip.Us – Illustration & Invitation

Our previous post covered some of the ideas around ministry support, a membership site, and stewardship. It didn’t cover everything. But it seems a tangible illustration is always better than paragraphs of writing!

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is a monumental discourse. The Sermon is contained in Matthew 5-7. We used this incredible sermon to develop a course for our pastor training school. The study required for that was life-changing for me. And that material has proven to have the same impact on our student pastors and those who have helped me teach it.

Equip.UsBut I posed the question in the previous post about stewardship of these resources. That is exactly what is happening this coming Sunday at Trinity Baptist Church in Scottsboro. Pastor Griggs has made their facility available for us to share this course with people in our area. So, consider this your invitation if that describes you. If you’d like to let us know you will attend, check the Facebook Event page.

Even if this is not a local event for you, it serves to illustrate how your investment in this ministry continues to bear fruit. Just so you know, I am not a member of Trinity. But this church faithfully supports the ministry I have been given. And that further illustrates two things:

  • Why it’s necessary for us to join together for Kingdom work
  • How being good stewards can continue to reach & equip others

Equipping For Life

membershipThat is the theme of our ministry and the new website. It is God’s command. And believers are involved in it whether or not they know it. Romans 15:14 reminds us we are able to instruct (admonish, depending on translation) one another. Instructing is equipping. Additionally, if you are a parent your mission is to equip your children for life – this one and the next one! My ministry is to equip you and others. And that’s all for the purposes laid out in 2 Timothy 2:2. We equip so that those who are equipped can and will equip others. Somehow, I think we lack a wide-scale understanding of this aspect of Christian lives.

But if we understand this, then joining hands with others to equip others seems more like a necessity than an option! And joining hands with more and more believers is what our website launch is all about. The Equip.Us resource center will be populated with an increasing number of resources to equip believers for effective living. Those resources will address various roles or missions in our individual lives. Everything won’t be for everybody. But everybody will be able to find something helpful.

With that said, I’ll quit for now. Please take the time to share the Facebook Event if you are a Facebooker. Please feel free to share this post however you will. And please keep an eye out for continuing updates on next week’s launch.

Soli Deo Gloria! 




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