Enjoy A Cup: Change Lives

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Enjoy A Cup: Change Lives

We all want to bring positive change to the world. Christians are called to that task. But how many of us think we must do a big thing to bring change? And for that matter, who determines what is a big thing and what is a little thing? Let me connect some things for your devotional and practical thinking:

  • A man who did a little thing that changed the world
  • Rethinking big things and little things
  • Practical ways to bring change to many

Change: The Person & The Little Thing

His name was Ananias. His story is told in Acts 9. And it is striking how little we know about him. Scripture introduces him simply:

Now there was a disciple at Damascus named Ananias; and the Lord said to him in a vision, Ananias. And Ananias said, Here I am, Lord.

God instructed this disciple to do a little thing. He was to pray for Saul. That sounds real easy and simple. But Saul had been persecuting believers, jailing them, and even having them killed. Ananias knew Saul’s reputation. Obedience was a real step of faith.

Change: Who Determines The Big Things?


Big or small: Perspective!

To judge something as big or small depends on our perspective. And our mind-blowing Heavenly Father has the only perspective that matters! When we look at Biblical characters we see the ones who did the big things. That’s our perspective. We want to be like Joseph or the Apostle Paul (Saul). And there’s probably nothing wrong with aspiring to be a Kingdom hero. But we cannot determine that. All we can do is be obedient. What is wrought by our obedience is up to our Father.
We see a man like Ananias and quickly forget him. He seems to be a little thing on our way to seeing the missionary life of Paul. Yet God’s Word paints a different picture. In Matthew 10 Jesus Himself connected the rewards given to:

  • Those He calls to serve Him
  • Those who support and equip the ones He calls

And this is where we can make a connection between little things and everyday, practical ways to help!

Change: Little Things Could Be Big Things

The connection Jesus made in Matthew 10 is one I have cited before. And I am well aware that this Kingdom principle applies in all directions. We can share in Heaven’s rewards by supporting this ministry, your local church, missionaries, and any other Gospel-centered ministry. Jesus made it real easy for us to lay up treasures in heaven.
What would you imagine Paul’s rewards to be? He did the big, visible things. But whatever those rewards are Ananias gets to participate in them. And what about the person who led Billy Graham to Christ. Leading a child to Christ might have looked like a little thing. In God’s plan it was a huge thing. Just look at the result of the life Dr. Billy Graham has lived. So how will God reward my obedience or yours? Only He knows. But as promised, here are a couple of ways you can do little things to help change many lives.

Enjoy A Cup

This is a new connection for us. PLEASE hit the links provided and learn about the ministry of Camano Island Coffee. I won’t detail it here but it is a story you should know. Why? Because the work done by them is why I can say:

Drinking your morning coffee can help change many lives!

The coffee is incredible. Buying it will let you enjoy better coffee, help Jeff in his work, and support this ministry in a small way. And coffee makes a GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT! Please see the links and share this post as often as you can.

Change Makes Change


Change Makes A Difference

A couple of weeks ago we introduced the Bstow app. This tool lets you round-up your purchases to the next highest dollar. The ‘change’ is then automatically sent to the charity of your choice. You know we should resist the word charity when connected to church or ministry. Jesus said in Luke 10 that His workmen are worthy of their hire. Wages are not gifts. So in His eyes supporting ministry is not a matter of charity.
But according to our IRS, Rivers of the World is a charitable organization and it can be supported through Bstow. This app will connect to your credit or debit cards as well as your preferred e-wallet. It allows you to set donation limits (or not). And in this age of electronic commerce and season of Christmas shopping it’s an easy, little thing that could help a great deal if people will take a few seconds to sign up and use it. Links are provided.
And the most important take away is this: In all things be obedient. Leave the big-or-small assessment up to the Father. Whether our place is that of Ananias or Paul we are in His care!

Soli Deo Gloria! 


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