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Change is ROW’s goal. For over 20 years we have gone into remote communities and asked two questions:

  • What is the most difficult thing about living here?
  • How can we help you with that?

We work with community leaders and church leaders to bring improve life in impoverished communities. And ROW volunteers help change the water supply, healthcare, education, and local economics. But those things are just the beginning.

Change & Transformation

Improving what I’ll call externals does have value. But that’s like giving a man a fish. It feeds him today. And we all know it’s better to teach him to fish because that could feed him for a lifetime. Teaching brings empowerment. And when people are empowered to overcome their circumstances then Change has moved to Transformation. And that is our goal!
We seek to build healthy, sustainable communities. We help empower the community. And a key component in that is the local church. A healthy family of faith serves it’s community. In this area we work to teach and train pastors so they can challenge their own congregations. It really is important to teach and practice the 2nd Commandment:

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Change For Change

Change bstow

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I recently had lunch with a friend. His family supports this ministry in significant ways. It would be easy for me to wish there were 10 more just like him. We would probably not have to worry about funding anything. But that’s not reality. There are other people who are equally dedicated but not quite as able to give. Their help is important and there are quite a few of them. All are necessary to meet the demands we face.
And everywhere I go there are people who would like to help but just can’t quite manage it. The folks at bstow have an answer. We live in an age of electronic payments. We do it on laptops and mobile devices. So whether you use an Amazon Prime Membership, Apple Wallet or Google Pay, these folks have an opportunity for you.
Change bstow

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Sign-up to join bstow. When you make an electronic or credit card purchase you will have the opportunity to let the a few cents support our work. If your actual purchase was $22.63 then the app would round your purchase to $23.00. Your 37 cents would be donated through ROW to help this ministry. Your change can help us turn change into transformation!
The links have a great deal of information. And you’ll be seeing more here.

Soli Deo Gloria! 


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