Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!

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What is this old saying about your cake? It’s an example of ‘wise sayings,’ both wayscultural ‘proverbs,’ and/or sage advice. These pearls of wisdom summarize our life experiences. We’ve all tried to hang to both sides of an argument. We want to have it both ways. That’s when we hear, You can’t have your cake and eat it too! 

Your Cake: Your Beliefs

StormtroopersThis post continues the discussion of implications of belief. In that post, I left a little wiggle room for those who might not be ready for the full implications of what we say we believe. Today, that wiggle room goes away! Why? Taking God at His Word forces us to make choices.

Yesterday’s post addressed faith in Creation and faith (yes, faith) in evolution. We either believe death followed sin, or we don’t. That seems like a small matter. It isn’t. It’s the point at which I say, You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

Some people want to hold evolution in one hand, their Bible in the other, and force a harmony between them. Real science will be in harmony with the Scripture (see Hittite post). The theory of evolution is just that, a theory. And the theory doesn’t do well under close, critical examination. That’s a post for another place. My concern here is getting believers off the fence!

evolution answers in genesis

God can get it right the first time!

In an attempt to have it both ways, some people propose something they call theistic evolution; God used evolution as a tool of creation. God can use any method He chooses, but He cannot lie.

If God used evolution in His creative process, it would be a lie to say, Death came into the world by sin. Why? Because evolution presupposes many generations of dying in order to bring about species change.
Furthermore, death is God’s judgment on Man’s sin. Man is condemned before God with no hope of satisfying God’s justice on his own.

What’s the remedy? Jesus paid our sin-penalty. He did it by dying on a cross and being resurrected from the dead. What would it mean if death didn’t come into the world because of sin? It would mean God is a liar and Jesus was an idiot for suffering to pay a penalty that didn’t exist. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!!!

Praying And Growing

Equipping For Life is teaching the Word. God’s Word accomplishes His purposes in ways we don’t always see. To verify that, check out Mark 4 and Jesus’ follow-up on His Parable of the Sower.

God requires faith, but He never tells us not to think. In fact, our ability to reason is one of His gifts to us. And, He gives us ample evidence for our faith. Working our way through these implications of belief is just one example of the Word equipping us for life. And that brings us to EquipUs U.

Every EquipUs U course has been developed for, and taught in, our international pastor training school. As we repeat courses in new locations, they get little tweaks and upgrades. And then we add them to EquipUs U. That’s when you have the opportunity to do two things at once. First, enroll and build your own knowldge of the Word, letting it equip YOU for better life and service. Second, you’ll be supporting our work of Equipping For Life – here at home and on the mission field.

And however you engage with EquipUs U,  PLEASE pray for us as we continue to research, prepare, teach and equip!

Soli Deo Gloria! 


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