The future isn’t here yet. But what would you like see in it? How can we shape that future? It may seem odd, but we do well to remember an old adage: History has a way of repeating itself. And that is a key to building a future we will one day enjoy remembering.

Our Future: Seeing The Past

Our previous post was a look back. We often need reminders of our past to help guide us in building our future. What made that post a good memory?

Over a period of years people prayed for our mission teams that served in Belize. Those prayers caused some readers to become volunteers. Some of those who prayed also became contributors. Others equipped teams with Bibles, blocks for building, educational material, fabric for sewing schools, solar lights, a water purification system, and much more.

Belize - AguacateWhile those things were taking place we were also busy teaching, training and challenging pastors. In short, we were God’s method (people) to accomplish God’s mission: people. Those collective efforts (in our past) were used to spread the Gospel, see the Kingdom expand, and to see several new churches planted so even more people might be reached.

Now, if the story went no further it would still be great. Why? Because people responded in faith and God has been glorified by the results of the work we have done together. But…there is a never a time for believers to head to the sidelines, sit on the bench, and act as if our work is done. That’s what pressing on is all about. There are new opportunities to reach further, do more, and add glory upon glory to our Father!

Our Future: Repetition

Insanity has been well defined as doing the same thing over again while expecting a different result. Seeing that wisdom we can also say: If we repeat what has worked in the past it will result in a similar outcome; a favorable future.

What are the common things in our past? They begin with…A:

  • Command from heaven – Go, make disciples...
  • Cry from hell – Send Lazarus to tell my brothers
  • Call from the field – Come over and help us

Those are three points of agreement between heaven, earth and hell. We are instructed to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into His field. So many of you have been faithful to do that. And as we launched EquipUs, I did everything I could to underscore the importance of prayer. And it should be no surprise that those prayers are being answered.

equipping the futureThe call from Belize is the same as that which came to the Apostle Paul (Acts 16:9) in his Macedonian vision: Come over and help us. Our previous prayers, giving, and going resulted in many new believers and several new churches being planted. I visited one of those churches this past April in San Pedro Columbia. The formation of EquipUs was a response (in part) to their request for help in equipping pastors and strengthening new churches. This new effort will be launched the last week of February. What needs to be done?

Prayers were also answered for a new work in the Orange Walk area of northern Belize. We have just finalized plans to begin that new work the last 6 days of March. Think about that! TWO new fields of ministry – near immediate answers to our prayers. And for the record, continuing work in Barahona and Samana will continue in May and June.

Present & Future Needs

What made great memories of successful ministry in the past is again necessary. Please pray. We need more volunteers than ever before. Just comment below or send an email if you’d like info on joining a team. Mission trip dates will SOON be a part of this website.

Ministry requires resources. We have a church to build in San Pedro Columbia. We will not get it all done in February, but we will begin the construction work alongside the new pastor training school. And just so you know, EquipUs is committed to working with other believers, but we will not work for them. If the church seeking help is willing to invest in their own work and join their hands with ours then we want to help them. Note the difference between working with and working for. That’s a guiding factor for future work.

As noted above, a new pastor training school is now set to begin in Orange Walk. Beginning in the Fall of this year we will have other projects identified in this area and the need for volunteers will expand. And in May, there is a new church construction project in Batey 8 near Barahona, Dominican Republic.

Based on all the above, here is a bullet list of needs for the next several months:

  • Prayer
  • Construction & Pastor’s School in Samana (NEXT WEEK!!!) – Need: $900.00
  • Construction & New School in San Pedro Columbia – $1,400.00/construction – more volunteers
  • New Pastor Training School Launch in March – Need: teaching volunteers, $875.00 for school
  • Church construction/Batey 8 – Mission volunteers, $2,000.00 construction materials

Building For Tomorrow

EquipUs launched in November 2019. I am already looking forward to having a celebration in Fall 2020 to look back and see what our Father has accomplished in the first year. As you can see, there is already a great opportunity to do just that. But these ministry opportunities will reach multiple years into the future. I want to look back on these things and know I

pressed on, that I labored for the upward call of Christ. And I also want you to be able to look back and know you had a part in building the Kingdom and receiving the King’s rewards. None of us should reach the future, look back, and wonder why we didn’t do all that was in our power to do.

And that’s a look at how we build the future together. All of us are important and needed. What is your part of building that dream? Pray and you’ll know.

Keith BurnettSoli Deo Gloria!