Backyard Lessons: Weeds, Words, and Work

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What do you think of when you pull weeds out of your yard? Weeds have been known to cause ‘words’ as people work to remove them. Last week, God used weeds in my yard to show me an incredible connection. I was amazed and blessed and I hope sharing it will do the same for you!
weeds in yardThe first thing: Remember why we have weeds? God’s words (the curse on the ground) in Genesis 3 account for weeds. Man sinned and God’s judgment of Man brought us weeds and more. The soil lost some of its capacity to produce. Man’s work became tedious as he would have to contend with poorer productivity and weeds on top of that (see Don’t Sweat It…)!
The second thing: Does anyone but Man have to put up with poor soil and weeds? An hour or so with a weedeater will make you think about weeds! As I cut down all those weeds I was thinking back over the Spring sessions of the Pastors’ School. The origin of weeds was just one of many points we covered as we taught the pastors. You could say I was lost in thought. Then it hit me. God has to put up with poor soil and weeds, too!
The third thing: The connection is made by Jesus in the New Testament. I had never connected His parable with Genesis. In Matthew, Mark and Luke we read the parable of the Sower. What is it about? The soil and weeds! What is the soil? The hearts of men. What keeps God’s Word from growing there? Weeds! What are the weeds? Sin!
The fourth thing: I can’t rid the world of sin. I can’t work enough to rid my heart of sin (and neither can you!). BUT, God can do all of that. Not only can He do that, He will do that! He is going to remake the earth. It will again be perfect. And as the hymn writer proclaimed, ‘No more let thorns infest the ground’ (4th vs., Joy to the World). But our Father won’t leave us out! Ezekiel (ch. 11 & 36) records God’s promise to remove His people’s heart of stone (that unproductive, rocky soil) and replace it with a heart of flesh (one that is clean and productive for the Lord). Heaven won’t have any sin or any weeds!
Next time you are working in the garden or the backyard, take a lesson from a weed! First, repent for the ones that grow in you. Next, take joy that weeds are temporary!

Soli Deo Gloria! 

PS – This is our Father’s world. There’s just a usurper running things at the moment. God will make it right. If you’ll take a second to hear and see this great hymn I think you’ll be blessed. And yes, I’m a little partial where the pianist is concerned… 🙂  Some good work here by a pair of talented folks!



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