My Apologies: GREAT News!

Apologies aren’t usually associated with celebrating. But this post is a celebration of great news and it does contain an apology. So let’s do that first!

Apologies: Method


Your Investment Return Skyrockets

My previous post was about some incredible Kingdom investment returns. My normal habit or pattern is to post 3-4 times each week. But since Pastor Juan had a significant need I just left the post up. So my apologies are for my method of reminding people of the need. For those who stopped by to find a new post I really am sorry there wasn’t one here. BUT, whether or not my method was good, it seems to have worked!

Need Met: Investment Contributions

Since the previous post went up I have had frequent contact with Pastor Juan. I just informed him that we have the funds for his motorcycle. He is excited and so am I.
ApologiesThis is a bright spot in a challenging time. The lion’s share of donations still seem to be going for disaster relief (Harvey, Irma, Maria, etc.). So funding our various projects has been an uphill undertaking. But our Father is rich in mercy and grace will meet our needs. And He has done that through some of you. So my heart-felt Thank You! goes right here!

Continuing Need: What To Pray For

There is still something I will ask you to pray about. Contributions have passed the minimum threshold to acquire a motorcycle. So now it’s a matter of getting the most for our investment – being good stewards.
ApologiesPlease pray for a good search and the elusive ‘good deal’ that everyone wants when buying a vehicle. And I’d appreciate your prayers over the next few days for those who would like to contribute but aren’t quite sure how to manage it. I understand that difficulty very well. A few dollars will move us from taking what we can get to being able to make the most of our Kingdom investments. In terms everyone can identify with:

Shopping for ‘gently used’ instead of an available clunker.

Thanks again for helping. And know my gratitude, and Juan’s, are genuine. And thanks for your continued support in prayer. It matters more than any of us will know this side of Heaven.

Soli Deo Gloria! 

PS – Apologies again (sort of). This is the I couldn’t help myself apology. My image search for an appropriate graphic turned up the bonehead picture. In light of this season of the year it appeared even funnier to me. It brought me a laugh and I trust you enjoyed it, too!

Keith Burnett | keithburnett.org