Advisor Needed: Must Be Foolproof

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What if you had an advisor who never made a wrong decision? That’s what we see in Isaiah 9:6-7. The previous post on that passage addressed the word Wonderful. And we saw that it really is mind blowing when we examine the incredible nature of our Wonderful Counselor. And in this case, it’s a reversal of roles and much more. So let’s take a look!

Amazing Advisor

We think in terms of a person who adivses a king, or president or some other head of state. But the Idea behind Isaiah’s Wonderful Counselor actually had a prededent in ancient Israel. King Solomon was given immense wisdom and he advised his people (see I Kings 4:34; Micah 4:9). In an even greater way, the One sent by the Father is the eternal King of Kings and it’s this King Who advises us! That is contrary to our thinking and experience. And it’s part of the indescribably awesome Gift Who was placed in Bethlehem’s manger.  Our KING advises us!Subscriptions

Before I move on, let me share an observation. Have you ever noticed that some folks in the church are willing to serve God as long as that service is an advisory role? Yes, that’s a bit snarky but it puts things in perspective. Our Wonderful Counselor has no need of advisors!

Now, back to Isaiah’s prophecy. This was not the only time he referred to the counsel and wisdom of our Lord. Notice Isaiah 28:29 –

All this also comes from the Lord Almighty, Whose plan is wonderul, Whose wisdom is magnificent.

Advisor – Trustworthy Counsel 

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Have you ever noticed that Satan imitates but never creates? Just one example is seen when Moses was sent to Pharoah. The Lord told him to throw down his rod and when he did, it became a snake. But, the court magicians did the same thing! That was Satanic power imitating God’s prescribed sign. And it’s telling that those imitations were swallowed by Moses’ snake. God’s power was reall and lasting and Satan’s was weak and temporary. And imitation applies to counsel.

It’s interesintg that our initial encounter with Satan (Genesis 3:1 and following) is in his adivisory role? Satan took the position of counselor and his advise to Eve was not trustworthy. And when Isaiah foretold the Messiah’s coming, it let us know He would be a perfect Counselor. The role stolen by Satan is restored in Christ! That’s a amazing thought.

Jesus is the all-wise counselor. He needed no testimony concerning Mankind. Why?He knows all there is to know about Human nature (Psalm 139:1-2). If that’s not enough, He knows what [is] in each person (John 2:25). He is able to give


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unparalleled counsel to His people because He is qualified in ways no human counselor can be. Notice Colossians 2:3 –

In Christ is hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge 

Jesus always knows the struggles of our lives and He always knows how to respond for God’s glory (Hebrews 4:15–16).

Our Lord’s position as our Wonderful Counselor means:

  • He hears us when we bring our concerns to Him (Philippians 4:6; James 1:5)
  • We can trust Him to direct us to all that is right (Proverbs 3:6)
  • He wisely counsels us to that which is best because He loves us (I John 4:19)
  • His counsel flows from love beyond our knowledge or description (Romans 8:31-17; Ephesians 3:17-21)

How could we want more that a Wonderful Counselor (advisor) Who loves us so much and knows the end from the beginning? (Isaiah 46:10) It’s one thing to recognize a Wonderful Gift. It’s another to treat it as reality and order life by it! Donate to share the Gospel

Soli Deo Gloria! 


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