Transformers! Repurposing the Fallen

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transformersTransformers: The Last Knight is the latest release in the Transformers movie franchise. This movie and many other things in our culture can serve to remind us who we are and why we are here. It just takes a little creative application!
You’ve seen the movie  magic: Autobots and Decepticons changing size and shape. The Transformers can’t hold a candle to the greatest transformation in the universe! After all, they were metal and turned into other metal objects. How does one thing transform into something totally different?
One might think of  caterpillars and butterflies. Metamorphosis is truly an amazing miracle. But the caterpillar was living and morphed into another living thing. There is a greater transformation of epic proportion. It defies comprehension. It is possible to transform death into life!

Transformers: Death Into Life

caterpillar and butterfly
The Bible says every one of us is dead in trespasses and sin.  It also says if anyone is in Christ they are a new creation.  They have been made alive to Christ. Dead can turn into living!  That is truly incredible, but it sets up the question: Why?
The Apostle Paul said he wanted to lay hold of the purpose for which Christ laid hold of him. To paraphrase, he wanted to meet the purpose for which he had been transformed from dead to living. What is that purpose?
A # 1 Goal and MethodIt’s to love God and love people. That is the goal of being repurposed. We are transformed into sons of God capable of loving God and those He loves. Paul was called to love God and others in unique ways and circumstances. That will happen to all who believe. And there’s even more to this incomprehensible transformation!
The Bible teaches we are continually being made to the likeness of Christ.  When we come to Christ, it’s Just As I Am.  The Word also says, He Who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it. His Holy Spirit is the Change Agent that transforms us “into the very image of Christ.”
There’s one more mind-blowing thing! We get transformed from dead to living, transformed into the image of Christ, and we get to help repeat the process! Imagine that. We, the transformed, are given the ministry of reconciliation and peace. That sounds like repurposing the fallen. And it also sounds like a pretty good definition of evangelism!
What will you do when see or hear the next Transformers ad? Be reminded that you are called and equipped to be part of God’s transformation process! Have a GREAT day…

Soli Deo Gloria!


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