The Road Ahead

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We’ve all made a road trip. And the trip is much better when you know your route. Yogi Berra said it this way:

If you don’t know where you’re going you might end up somewhere else! 

Laughter is good. And laughter is a common occurence with our mission teams. But just like our travels, ministry follows a path. And we need to know what lies ahead.

Road From Samana

prayer for the road aheadOur June mission will be in Samana, Dom. Republic. We will hold graduation ceremonies there for the first time. And notice the subheading says From Samana. It is unclear at this moment whether the graduation will help launch further ministry in this area or serve as a wrap-up to several years of good work.

We need two things for Samana. First, your prayers. Second, sponsors are needed for the graduation. Our tradition is to give every graduating pastor a new study Bible. If we are able, we give them other resources as well. But the Bible is the priority item. Those cost about $50.00 each with shipping. That doesn’t sound like much unless you have 15-20 graduates. It adds up quickly. If you would like to help, just use the donate links on this page.

Open Road To Colombia

Alfredo Valencia

Alfredo Valencia

A great deal has been said about this. We had The Appointment in early May. And follow-up emails have gone out to our mailing list. Our mission dates are set for late July. And we have no greater need than your daily prayers. We can’t do more than pray until we pray. If you’d like to do more, donations can be made to help offset the travel costs for this trip. This mission will come straight off the EquipUs bottom line.

Franklin and Alfredo will be with me during our time in Colombia. And as you pray for us, please include the families we each leave behind as we serve in Colombia. Also, please pray for the pastors we teach and the future of ministry in Colombia. I’ll have more to say about that in another post.

Road Back To La Romana

Class in La Romana

Pastor training in La Romana

August is when our team will return to La Romana. And this is probably going to be a first for EquipUs. It looks like this team will not include me. God has brought some very dedicated and talented people alongside for this ministry journey. So it is a great blessing that we have volunteers who can handle it without me. Still, I’ll feel like the fish-out-of-water if I’m not there.

As always, the ministry in La Romana needs your prayers. And when you pray, please join me in being thankful for men who can take the ball and run with it. God is good!

The Road For Volunteers

Our teams are staffed through August. But that’s not the case in October, November and beyond. How important is this? Well, I recently compared our Colombia launch to climbing Mt. Everest. Staffing teams is our second largest task. God has opened doors of opportunity for us and we have had our challenges finding enough volunteers to get the work done.

If you’d like to join a Helping Hands team, we have a group scheduled for Belize in early October. Now is the time to volunteer. And if October doesn’t work for you, then we have a team headed to Barahona in early November. And there’s one more…

January is the next time to be in La Romana. This past January, and this coming August, we had teaching teams in La Romana. But there are many projects we can only do with larger volunteer teams. Our opportunities include construction, VBS, medical, women’s ministry and more.

Jodie with casts on arms

He had a nasty fall.

Bumps In The Road

Here is one last thing. And this case, the picture says it all. For those who don’t know this awesome young man, this is Yeudy (Jodie). He is the orphanage director in Barahona. He sent me this picture a few days ago. Obviously, he is in need of prayers for more than the great work he does with the boys in the orphanage.

Soli Deo Gloria! 







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