Alfredo And Colombia – Video Update

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It has been two weeks since The Appointment. And we have not stopped working! I had a chat with Alfredo today and we thought it would be a good thing if you listened in on our conversation.

Alfredo: Mission Update

Before you see/hear our chat, please let me underscore the urgent need for your prayers. Language fails me when I try to express the enormity of what lies before us. Phrases like this one come to mind:

Scaling Mt. EverestMt. Everest

But what is the tallest mountain in the world compared to the God Who spoke it into existence? He is, after all, the One Who can do – and delights to do – more than we can ask or imagine (see Ephesians 3:20-21).

We know those things, but sometimes we need to be reminded of something equally important. There is no way to tell how many times I have said:

God’s mission is people and God’s method is people.
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And the second part of that is why I bring it up here.

God is sovereign over all. And in His divine sovereignty He has chosen to act through His people. He tells us to ask, seek and knock. And He responds in power to those prayers. And when there are needs to meet, our Father uses His people to meet Kingdom needs.

Can Jehovah use ravens and an endless supply of oil to supply His servants? Absolutely. (see I Kings 17 & 18) But those are His miraculous displays. What about the very ordinary, unspectacular offerings Paul encouraged churches to give for the support of the Church in Rome?

Subscribe hereThere is a miraculous facet to our very mundane and ordinary steps of faith. God truly does the unexplainable as the Body works together. Remember, His Body is people like you and me!

And never doubt that our individual actions go unnoticed. You need look no further than Jesus’ comments about the widow’s mites (Luke 21:1-4).

My chat with Alfredo is below!

Soli Deo Gloria! 


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