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Tamayo: 10 Days of Purpose

Tamayo is part of our 10 Days of Purpose. Answered prayer put it on our list. And prayer is the first step to seeing this opportunity turn into reality!

Tamayo: June 2017


10 Days of Purpose – 1

June is when we moved our teaching locations for the Mathes Pastor Training School. Pastor training has had a huge impact on Dominican churches and communities. It has also impacted the lives of many mission volunteers over the past 6 years. We ended 2016 with much prayer and discussion about moving our teaching points in order to engage more pastors. Tamayo was the realization of that discussion.
We had no idea how the transition would go. I did posts on our work this past June while we were in country. It is an understatement to say that the transition went well. It was apparent we were following  the Lord’s leadership. On the first day of class in Tamayo there were 42 present. Not all were what we would call senior pastors. Several pastors brought other church leaders to attend with them. Hang on to that piece of information….

Small-group class discussion in Tamayo

Tamayo is a city several miles NNW of Barahona. It’s population is about 25,000. It’s not a tiny place. The pastors in Tamayo and its surrounding area were anxious for someone to provide reliable, accurate Biblical training. We had prayed about our next steps. They had prayed to be better equipped in order to lead the churches they serve. God put us together as an answer to all those prayers. So, what’s next? Why is such an answer to prayer on the 10 Days of Purpose list?

Tamayo: November 2017


A 10 Days of Purpose Reminder!!!

There is an active Pastors’ Association in Tamayo. The leaders in that organization were present for class. And something very interesting happened at the end of the first day of class.
The host pastor (part of the Pastors’ Assoc. leadership team) stood before the group and asked for questions. He wasn’t asking for questions about the material we had covered. He asked for feedback on how these people thought the school went. The response was vigorous applause. His next question for the group was this:

Could we set a goal of having at least 40 pastors present for class in November?

Again, there was unanimous, enthusiastic support for that goal. With that he led a prayer and dismissed the group. But he was not done. His next question was directed right at me.
He had no idea that we often use an evangelistic crusade as part of our pastor training. These crusades help with:

  • Outreach
  • Evangelism
  • Evangelism Training
  • Preaching Lab


Tamayo – 10 Days of Purpose

You might have guessed the first three. But I have yet to figure out an effective, traditional way to develop preaching skills while using a translator. So we provide some ‘training’ in that area as part of our outreach crusades. Our teaching faculty (mostly pastors) does the preaching in the crusades. The student pastors and their churches are working to bring people to the event. They hear the messages and we talk about them in class on the following day.
Anyway, you can now guess what the pastor’s question was. He asked me:

Would it be possible for you to help us do a city-wide evangelism crusade when you come in November?

I am not sure how big my smile must have been. You know I said Yes because I would have been afraid to say anything less! It was one of those moments when it was obvious God was at work. I was just present to see it. Those are exciting and humbling moments. Apart from Him we can really can’t do anything! 

Tamayo: TODAY


Pastor Ramon leading small-group discussion

10 Days of Purpose is about all of us working together. It should be apparent to all that I can’t do all this. Let me break down the needs for that one week in November:

  • Teaching faculty of 6-8 capable teachers
  • Funds for crusade – advertising, sound equipment, venue rental if necessary
  • Teaching team for Christian education conference
  • Mission volunteers to serve orphans and those in dire poverty

Now, here is some detail about each of those items. First, the teaching faculty doesn’t have to be comprised of pastors. Several capable people have helped with this and they are not full time pastors. But it’s best if most of the faculty is made up of pastors. Could you help send your pastor?
Second, the additional expenses are obvious. The items noted above are not exhaustive. But you get the idea.
Days of PurposeThird, one of the changes in our teaching ministry was at the request of the Dominican pastors. The pastors asked for help training those who teach in their churches (Sunday School, etc.). We first did that in June and it also went very well. They really want to expand that.
Finally, the Gospel has its greatest impact when we combine demonstration with proclamation. In other words, we demonstrate (with actions) the love of God before we proclaim (preach) the love of God. Our mission teams present that model to pastors and we teach them to adopt it in their communities.

Tamayo: YOU

Your help is possible and very much needed. The following list is short and fairly self explanatory:

  • Pray – today and every day
  • Pray for the crusade and those who will believe
  • Promote – wherever and whenever you have opportunity
  • Publicize – your church – your Bible study group
  • Share – in person – on social media
  • Encourage others to engage
  • Pray about giving – a great sum is not necessary if many give some
  • Pray about going
  • Take the next generation of your family on mission

Day 2 will be out tomorrow!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Keith Burnett |