Hands God Uses – Do You See What I See?

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Hands God Uses

Hands God Uses – Do You See What I See?

Ever question the hands God uses? Have you wanted your hands to be used by Him? Is there some prerequisite for the hands God uses? Well this hand-in-hand picture has a great deal to teach us.

Hands God Uses: The Myths

Hands God Uses

Young patient with his Mom

I have run across many misconceptions in my years of ministry. Christians mistakenly believe that God can/will only use people who are:

  • Talented
  • Pastors
  • Seminary educated
  • Believers
  • Well spoken
  • Richer than I am

There are other misconceptions out there. But the list above is a good enough example. Our featured image for this post puts these false ideas to rest. And I will help just a bit!

Hands God Uses: Seeing The Truth

Hands God UsesThere are many sets of hands behind the pictures in this post. Completely unseen are the hands that stitched the quilts. But I am blessed to work hand in hand with the Sewing Circle of Calvary Baptist Church in Scottsboro, AL. Those ladies are talented but not pastors. And I suspect you can figure out how well their lives match the rest of the myth list.
There are other unseen hands in these pictures. Several hands joined together to make it possible for our mission team to be in a Dominican hospital. Those hands were used by God to put other servants in place. God was at work in the hands of the senders as well as the hands those who were sent. How many of those people (senders or the sent) do you think match up with the myth list?
The visible hands get most of the attention. And the focus of that attention is centered on the American hands. What about the Dominican hands? Did God use them? Of course He did! More about that shortly.

Hands God Uses: Available Hands

mission momentScripture tells us God sets up and tears down kingdoms. Our Father has used pagan rulers for His purposes. So He can use someone who isn’t a believer. But what about believers? He uses those who make themselves available for His glory and His purpose. The enemy tempts us to resign ourselves to ineffectiveness because we don’t meet some ‘requirement’ on the myth list.
We’ve all heard some modern, helpful reminders about this subject. These two are great examples:

God doesn’t need your ability, just your availability.

God doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called.

Those things are true! And Jesus said it another way. He reminded us that apart from Him we can’t do anything. So forget about Kingdom usefulness having anything to do with my/your ability.

Hands God Uses: Two-Way Street

Hands God Uses

Giving in Jesus’ name – an available volunteer!

Another myth is about ministry or missions being a one-way street. People believe the mission volunteers do all the giving while those we see do all the receiving. Not true!!! And that is why the featured image spoke volumes to me.
I don’t not know that boy’s name. He may be a believer and he may not. I do know that he and everyone else in that room heard about Jesus’ love for them that day. That is what I shared with them in word and deed (gifts). But his hand in my hand was a great ministry back to me. And it was only later that I learned someone had captured that moment in a picture. It says so much.
Hands God UsesThe hands God uses can belong to anyone. If you want your hands to be used by your Father, for His glory and purpose, then let these pictures remind you to be available. He will use you when and where He chooses. And it will probably surprise you how that happens!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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