A Modern Paraphrase

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I have some amazing, exciting news to share with you! But this Modern Paraphrase is a necessary point of context. What follows is a 2013 post from Santa Teresa, Belize. I didn’t edit the original post (except for Mission: Hope). Some readers will remember the events of 2013. Others weren’t aware of our work during that time. So this reference point will put the current news in context for everybody. Then, through the next post, we can celebrate together what God is continuing to do through the ministry we have shared in Belize.

A Modern Paraphrase: October 2013

The ladies on our team went to the Santa Teresa School today. They taught several classes and took a few pictures. One picture captured the modern paraphrase of a well-known Scripture verse. We would all do well to adapt it to our own work environment!

We also got to begin our first ‘official’ section of the Mathes Pastor Training School. The pastors were extremely glad for the opportunity to learn. They were equally glad to receive their syllabus and reference materials from ROW (now Mission: Hope). You helped make this possible and we want you to enjoy celebrating with us.

Pastors' School lg shotAnd, there are a few more shots of our busy day on Monday! I hope you have a great time seeing our day because it was made possible by so many of you! And, please remember to share this post with your friends! That helps is ways I don’t have time or space to explain. Really!

Soli Deo Gloria!

(P.S. from 2017 – one of my all-time favorite mission pics is the last one in this collage. Maybe that’s because it’s such an accurate reflection of Dennis. You can know a lot about him by just looking at that picture!)



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