Mission Support: Belize

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Mission Support

Mission Support: Belize

Any kind of mission (task, operation, etc.) needs mission support. That’s true whether the mission is raising kids, managing a business, or sharing the Gospel. And any of those missions have multiple support needs. It reminds us that we don’t accomplish very much alone. We are the most effective when we work in concert with others. So…

Mission Support: A Different Mission

Our upcoming mission to Belize will be very different from all previous missions. Healthy mission endeavors have an exit strategy. And this upcoming mission to Belize marks our ‘official’ exit. It’s important to note a couple of things this does NOT mean. It doesn’t mean we:

  • Will never go back
  • Intend to lose touch with people we have come to know and love

Psalm 90What this kind of mission DOES mean is our work, including the mission support you have given, has been successful. The churches are healthy. They are reaching their communities and making disciples. And those things are cause for celebration. So please celebrate with us.

Mission Support: Encouragement

We want to exit on a high note of encouragement. There will be a graduation ceremony for the pastors we have been teaching. Churches have needs we can meet while we are there. Our mission team will be lending medical help. And we want to spend time building up fellow believers. Why? Their work is now our work. It’s your work. Our lives and work have been joined together for the advancement of the Kingdom. So we want to pray for them, pray with them, and equip them for every good work. That is our mission support agenda. We can’t do that without mission support from you!

Equipping The Equippers20/20 Commission Challenge

The 20/20 Challenge Event exists to aid our work in Belize and elsewhere. But social media events are not for everyone. To that end, let me give you some helpful information and links so you can lend a supporting hand to this mission.
Funding is necessary for any ministry or mission. Every need we have needs funding. Donations can be made online or with a check. And donations are tax deductible. For those who prefer to write a check:

  • Make check payable to Keith Burnett Ministries or Rivers of the World (ROW)
  • Send to Keith Burnett Ministries @
  • P.O. 803, Scottsboro, AL 35768

To donate online, the donate tab on this website is one option. To donate directly through ROW’s website just CLICK HERE. **Important** At the bottom of the donation form is an optional box for COMMENTS. That is where you tell us your contribution is for a specific item. Type the following in that box: Evangelism – Keith Burnett Ministries.
There’s more info below my sign-off! Thanks for being a helping hand. We can’t do what we do without you.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Mission Needs

Please remember to PRAY. Here is a short list of items on our mission calendar that need funding:

  • Mission construction needs in Belize – April 2017
  • Pastors’ School graduation in Belize – April 2017
  • Pastor Training Schools in Dominican Republic
  • Sponsorship for Pastors – Enabling U. S. pastors to be part of our mission teaching teams.
  • In-country pastor sponsorship – Equipping pastors we teach and/or supplying parts of their ministry.
  • Orphanage needs in Dominican Republic
  • Tools for Pastors – Everything from study tools to transportation. We have some pastors who need motorcycles in order to better serve their communities. This is primarily in the Dom. Republic. This is an unfunded need from last year. Reliable scooters can be bought for amounts between $750 – $1,600.

Perspective20/20 Commission Challenge

We cannot do what we do all by ourselves. So please make it a point to pray. Please give as you are able. And if you ARE active on social media, take the 20/20 Challenge if we are willing to seize it.


Questions or comments? Connect with Keith via email.

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