Mission Prayers

Mission Prayers Answered!

Mission prayers are being answered. This picture is a tangible example. Yesterday I shared some of the mission prayers that were in my envelope. And it only took a day for me to see some prayers answered! God is good…

Mission Prayers: Divine Appointments

Our mission volunteer teams often pray for divine appointments. One of the prayers I shared yesterday was for divine appointments. And that is how we refer to the hand of God guiding us to the person or people He has prepared to hear His Word. This week’s team has prayed together for divine appointments. And I think those are prayers our Father must delight in answering. He did so today!
Mission PrayersOur ‘main’ job was some construction projects in the batey. When our teams show up in these communities, it is often difficult to work because of the children who want to engage our team members. Since we know that, we prepared a children’s ministry team to work alongside the construction team. Their goal is to minister to children while simultaneously keeping them out of the work site.
Our teams eagerly set out for our first full day of mission. The construction was going well. But there were fewer children than we expected. Now it was tempting for the children’s ministry group to be a little down about their ‘lack of opportunity.’ But wait! We had prayed for divine appointments. And that’s exactly what we got.

Mission Prayers: God Is In The Details

About an hour into the morning our team received an invitation to come to the local school. It wasn’t just to visit! We were invited into the school, into a class, and given control of the class. The expectation was for our team to share their teaching and crafts with the class. Our bunch gratefully and eagerly accepted that opportunity.
As you can see from the picture, everyone had a great time. And God’s leadership made an impression on our team. I heard a great deal about it as we had our evening debrief. God is at work as He always is. And He works through the prayers of His people. Please keep praying…

Soli Deo Gloria!


Keith Burnett | keithburnett.org