Mission PrayersMission prayers don’t come in big brown envelopes. Right? Wrong! The envelope above contained some blessings for me. I hope the contents will bless you as well!

Mission Prayers: Everyone Can Pray

I received that envelope this morning. Our Bible study had just concluded and Jason told the group to sit tight for an announcement. Everyone had mail. It was not email but prayer mail. He did mail call for the group. I was blessed to receive a big brown envelope. The contents were amazing!
There were many pieces of paper inside. Each paper had a prayer written on it. Most of them were unsigned. And isn’t that an appropriate way to remind ourselves:

The power isn’t in the one praying, but in the One Who will hear and answer.

And like I’ve said many times, no matter our ability to go, send, equip, or fund, everyone can pray. And it’s very important for us to avail ourselves of that opportunity.

Mission Prayers: Blessing Me, Blessing You

Here is one of the prayers I read as I opened the envelope:

Lord, I pray for Keith as he leads this mission team. Guide his words and his steps as he prepares each teaching project. Grant him strength when he grows weary. Fill him with Your comfort and remind of Your purpose in leading him to missions. Thank You for his faithful work in Your Kingdom. 

And another of the mission prayers said this:

I’m praying that you are showing God’s love through your ministry this week! Thank you for following God’s plan for you and being His servant.

Still another was worded this way:

Father, use Keith in a powerful way as leads this ministry of ROW. Give him passion, vision, wisdom and divine appointments, Amen.

Mission PrayersI am sure I’ll share more of these mission prayers. But if you ever want to know a way to encourage a servant of the Lord, let them know you are praying for them. It’s something every believer can do!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Keith Burnett | keithburnett.org