Mission Ministry: In A Computer Lab!

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Can a computer lab be part of a ministry? Absolutely! How this got started is in this link. Today’s post is the update to that one. And it’s great news. God is good. And you need to know how that goodness is being realized.

Computer Lab: Permanent Home

computer labJodie, our orphanage Director, sent me these pictures last week. I was happy to see them and very glad to share them with you.
When we delivered the computers there was no dedicated space for the lab. The dining room tables had to be a temporary lab location. Jodie told me then that creating a permanent home for the lab would be his next big job. The job got done even though it took a little time. The effort was very worthwhile. A quick comparison of these pictures makes that easy to see. It was November 2017 when we unpacked the computers in the dining room. We shared those pics at that time. And now there is a much better, more secure space for the lab.

Computer Lab: The Ministry

computer lab

Dining room – Nov. ’17

God created Man as body, mind and spirit. That is something the Church should keep in mind as we seek to fulfill our Father’s commission. The boys in the orphanage are being cared for in each of these three areas. They have physical safety and provision. Education is something that often helps people rise above poverty. The computer lab is an education tool. How are the spiritual needs being addressed? Jodie, their host church, Pastor Pedro, and the mission teams that minister in the orphanage are doing a great job in that area.
These boys will continue to grow as Jesus did (see Luke 2:52). These tools, and others, are part of that process. Your prayers are also vital. A computer lab was a need. Prayer turned a need into reality. So please keep praying!

Soli Deo Gloria! 

P.S. – Did you see the original post? If not, Unclaimed Baggage donated the computers. Another big “Thank you,” goes out to our friends at UBC, Scottsboro, AL.


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