Unclaimed Blessings

What does Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro have to do with unclaimed blessings? This is a big Thank You to all the folks at UBC ed-hrvatski.com. And it provides a great object lesson worth remembering. In fact, when I see the UBC signs, or members of their great staff, these thoughts go through my mind. So it’s share time!

Unclaimed: Thank You

The sky outside was overcast as you can see from this picture. But it wasn’t gray indoors! God was answering prayers. Mission: Hope provides support for an orphanage in Barahona, Dominican Republic. Some you provide monthly support for those orphans. You also know that Jodie is our orphanage director. And Jodie sent me a note several weeks ago about a need in the orphanage. To see more about Jodie and the boys, just type orphans in the search box for this site!
Hearing about a need in the orphanage isn’t unusual. But this particular request from Jodie caught my attention for several reasons. First, it was a big request. The need was something far beyond his ability to provide. It was also beyond my ability. There’s nothing really unusual so far! But that’s one part of unclaimed blessings! We often look at the size of our need and just give up. But Scripture teaches us:

You have not because you ask not – James 4:2


Our Father can do exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine –  (see Ephesians 3:20)

What a pity we tend to focus on our own inability rather than the limitless ability and provisions of our Father!
So I got in touch with my friend Brenda at Unclaimed Baggage. My first statement to her was:

We’ve got a really big need. Would you guys consider helping?

And the result is in these pictures. UBC donated laptops so we can make a computer lab for the boys in the orphanage. It was my blessing to be used as a connector! But there’s more…

Unclaimed And More…

unclaimedComputers need some set up. Again, that’s outside my expertise! But a friend and Mission: Hope mission volunteer has a computer business. So I called John. He said he’d be glad to help – another answer to prayers that started in the Dominican Republic.
I met Brenda and Matt at UBC. Matt ran the camera and interviewed me for some of their publications. Then I took the computers to John. He loaded the necessary networking software. It was a bit of a time crunch due to mission travels. But we got it done. And there’s more…
Our Mission: Hope team is preparing to leave for the DR. We will take the computers and get things set up for the boys in the orphanage. So please look for picture posts of that process so we can all see and celebrate. And that will complete the circle of prayers and God’s answers.

Motivation For More


In their home. ‘Holding’ our friend Carol.

God-sized prayers have to be met with God-sized answers. And when He answers like that it is a great source of encouragement and motivation. It shouldn’t motivate us to pray selfishly. It should move us to change the size of our prayers! And those prayers should always be for our Father’s Kingdom and His glory.
With that thought, let me remind you to offer God-sized prayers for Pastor Alberto. You can read about his need HERE. And you can also continue to use the links to donate so we can minister to him and his family.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Keith Burnett | keithburnett.org