Mission: Belize 2022

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Some very exciting opportunites lie ahead. Mission: Belize covers some of those. Every mission requires support and that’s true whether our task is raising kids, managing a business, or sharing the Gospel. But every endeavor contains multiple, specific support needs. It reminds us that we don’t accomplish very much alone. By God’s design, we are the most effective for the Kingdom when we work with others. So, let me share the support opportunities for our October mission to Belize!

San Pedro Columbiaskills training - San Pedro Columbia

Our work in San Pedro will continue. Teams have had the joy of seeing several thing in this village. For example:

  • A new church building completed
  • Pastor training school about to reach graduation milestone
  • Women’s ministry – skills training

church constructoinIn all the above, we have built some great relationships and equipped believers to better serve the Kingdom. It all started with prayer and prayer is the first support item we need in all our mission efforts. Our October team will continue our ministry in San Pedro with pastor training, skills training, teaching children and more.

Bella Vista

This town is about an hour’s drive from Punta Gorda and San Pedro Columbia. On previous trips, we did the exploratory work and have now made the commitment to begin a cycle of work in Bella Vista.

Pastor Camilio

Pastor Camilio

Pastor Camilio is our host pastor. He has been part of the pastor’s school in San Pedro Columbia and he is looking forward to being at the center of work in his own town. Our teaching team will launch a new pastor training school for pastors in the Bella Vista area. While that takes place, team members will assist the church members with repairs to the church building, build some new hygiene facilities and host VBS for kids.

A new work in any ministry will need lots of prayer. And in Bella Vista, our team in working to raise funds for the all the projects listed above. The total needed is only about $4,000. How do we get those funds? We’re not expecting a single check, although that Donate Todaywould be OK. Mission support can be as simple as sharing this post. How long will it take for 100 people to see it? Not long. And if each one gives $50.00 then we would have all we need.

Mission: Belize – Dolores

Dolores Belize - Mission: Belize

Construction site

This is the most unique of our October undertakings. One of our pastors works in Dolores. It’s a remote village literally at the end of the road to Guatamala. It’s off the grid and it takes several hours to travel there. The need is a new church building for the Dolores congregation.

How will that happen? We have some brave mission volunteers who will travel to Dolores and stay there, working with the church members to get the new building underway. We have already sent money ahead to purchase construction supplies and get them into the village.

Lunch in Dolores - Mission: Belize

Lunch with Pastor in Dolores

Our volunteers were prepared to live in tents and sleep on cots. However, when Matt and I did our site inspection this past Spring, Pastor Vicente told us that one of the villager’s homes would be vacated so the team could stay in it while they work in Dolores. Actions like that are common among the people of Belize. And that is just another reason we have such great friendships with them

Support here is prayer for the team, donations for more building supplies, and simply sharing these needs in with your friends, family, church and on your social media pages.

Soli Deo Gloria! 


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