Jerlin, Zoila And Simona – A Video Update

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Jerlin is a friend to many of us. And today, we were finally able to complete a video call. Pastor Jerlin has many capable helpers in the ministry of St. Peter’s church in Samana, Dominican Republic. Chief among those aiding Pastor Jerlin are his wife, Zoila, and assistant Pastora, Simona, We had a great chat and this post will give some insight and helpful info for watching the video – which is at the bottom of this post. ONE request: please subscribe to the YouTube channel after you watch.

Jerlin – Video Call

This is the first time we have had a translator on a call. In this case, Simona was not only someone we would like to hear from, she did the translating. This video was several minutes longer than its current form. I edited out some of the translation time. But the edits did not remove the English sections.

We also had some tech problems with the video side of the call. There were two instances when Simona disappeared from the screen only to pop back up a few seconds later. However, we never lost the audio. So all the comments can be heard.

EquipUs UGift EquipUs U

The video chat revealed a couple of surprises for me. And one of them concerns EquipUs U. I told Jerlin I would post a link with the video so people could access the resources in the EquipUs U learning platform. And those links are in this section of text as well as the associated image.

This brings a little history to mind. In early April, EquipUs moved to open EquipUs U through the end of April. The timing of this video is going to change that! Enrollment in EquipUs U will remain open, with no fees, through Mother’s Day. So please check in, and pick a course. Any of them will help you with 2 Timothy 2:15 and Colossians 3:16.

Here is the video with Jerlin, Zoila, Virginia, and Simona – Enjoy, and please pray.

Soli Deo Gloria! 

PS – Helping Hands are greatly needed. Please engage with EquipUs by donating HERE today. Or, TEXT: Give2-EquipUs to 77948.


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