Life Lessons

Life Lessons: Is the Problem the Solution?

What problem are you facing right now? There wouldn’t be much need for a Life Lessons post if no one had problems! But have you ever entertained the idea that your problem might be the solution you are looking for? And you are wondering if that is even possible! The answer is…

Life Lessons: Limited Sight

Our problem with our problems is we have very limited sight and understanding. I can prove that with three very easy examples. The first is taken from the account of Jesus’ crucifixion.

As Jesus was hanging on the cross, they saw the problem. At least they thought they did. We know this by one of the comments that was made:

If You are the Son of God, save Yourself. Come down off the cross!

That view sees the cross as the problem. But we do not see as God sees. In God’s view, the cross wasn’t the problem, it was His necessary solution; the solution for the sin of short-sighted people.

Life Lessons: Limited Understanding

Another example is in Exodus. The people followed God’s fiery cloud out into the desert. Three days in, they had no water. To them, that was a problem. They complained about it. They demanded a solution. Now, water was no problem for the One Who would make Himself known as the Living Water.

The desert wasn’t the real problem. It only exposed the problem. The problem was a lack of understanding and faith. God brought them to the desert to show them He is Jehovah:

  • Jireh – the God Who Provides
  • Rapha – I Am Your Healer
  • Nissi – the LORD our Banner

The desert was God’s solution to a problem much greater than water!

Life Lessons: Obedience

This is not a word we like. However, it’s one God requires. A dear friend of mine has shared his own experience with problems and solutions. What was his problem?
Life Lessons

A Life Lessons Post

He found himself in a hospital bed and ‘out of commission’ for about a month. It’s easy to see that as a problem. Most of us would do the same thing. But being laid-up was actually his solution! Why?
There was a writing/teaching project he needed to do. He put it off. He thought he was too busy. That’s also an easy thing for pastors to believe. When did the project get done? While he was down and couldn’t do anything else. God’s solution for the project was what most people saw as the problem.

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Now, let me ask you again: What problem are you facing? Pray for insight. The problem could well be the solution you desperately need!

My Confession

Upcoming mission opportunities need staffing and funding. That certainly seems like a problem to me. So this post isn’t just meant to apply to others. It’s something of an exercise of encouraging myself in the Lord. I need to be reminded that He sees what I do not. So when I saw it in my post history I decided to add a bit and republish it. So please pray for these needs. And please click the link below and see where/how you can engage.

Soli Deo Gloria! 

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This post was originally published April, 2016