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Help Find Help!

Mission Volunteers

Mission Volunteers = Helping Hands

This is a call for help. It’s probably not what you are thinking. Please give me a second to explain because you may know where to find the help we need!

One of my favorite pictures of mission volunteers speaks volumes! Together, we can do what none of us could do alone. That’s why I am compelled to seek your help today. And please notice there is more than one need, so look all the way to the end ūüôā .

Mission Volunteers – Foreign

Mission Volunteers are needed for La Romana and Belize. The problem is, these mission opportunities are happening soon! I need your help finding help.

People usually think “Help = $” and sometimes it does. Not today. First, we need to pray. Then we need to find helping hands. The work that needs to get done needs helping hands to do it. We can take care of the $ later. Please see the links to La Romana and Belize and share these opportunities. If¬†YOU or ANYONE else wants to ask questions or be a mission volunteer, instructions are on the link pages.Want it to be even easier? Just reply to this post in the comment section at the end. I’ll take it from there!

Mission Volunteers – At Home

Mission Volunteers

What a helping hand looks like!

Some people would love to be a mission volunteer but circumstances or health prevent their travel. That’s no cause for worry! I have shared in other settings the need for helpers right here at home. The ministry opportunities and demands before us necessitate finding hands-on help in various place. And could you, in your church, helping others to engage in the mission of Equipping For Life.

God has blessed us with an administrative assistant. And we have also been blessed with some mission team leaders. But there need to be volunteers to lead! You get the idea.

If you know people (someone/anyone) who might be interested in being mission volunteers, please share this post with them. Then please send me a private message or reply to this post so we can talk about this mission opportunity.

Thanks for “listening” and remember: We need YOUR help to find Helping Hands! It’s simple –

Pray – Ask – Share

Soli Deo Gloria! 


Questions or comments? Connect with Keith via email.

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