Going Home – What Will It Be Like?

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God created a perfect home and placed Man in it. Its name was Eden. And we learn that in the book of Genesis. This post is meant to share insight as well as a big announcement! When I put together our course on Genesis, the material kept making its way into blog posts. In-depth study is a bit like a rich dessert after a great meal. You just can’t put the fork down! But about that perfect home… When man messed it up by disobeying, some interesting things happened. The one I have in mind is being naked! And the announcement is at the end of this post.

Going Back Home 

Light Man HomeGod made Adam and Eve. And Scripture says they were naked and unashamed. The day that changed begs a couple of questions. Their bodies were the same the day before they sinned as they were the moment after they sinned. What made them see themselves differently? I knew that part of the Genesis account, but hadn’t thought about it critically until I began studying to teach Genesis in our Pastor Training School.

One of my favorite writers is Dr. John Phillips. We were blessed to know him and spend some time with him. He was extremely insightful, and he possessed a delightful sense of humor. But, on this subject, Dr. Phillips wrote:

Before the Fall, Adam and Eve were probably clothed with light, because God covers Himself with light as a garment (Psalm 104:2) and because the Lord Jesus, in His transfiguration, was similarly arrayed (Mark 9:2-3). The moment they sinned, Adam and Eve saw the light go out. The death of the spirit within them caused the light to be extinguished and, suddenly, the physical side of their being was thrust into a prominence it had never had before. They knew they were naked.

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Dr. Phillip’s idea gains more credibility when we remember the appearances of heavenly beings in the Scriptures. Many are described in terms of radiance or an appearance like lightning or a blinding presence. Perhaps those terms describe garments of light. Whatever the case, Adam and Eve saw themselves in a way they never had. Oddly, this is just another reason to join in what God is doing! What’s He doing?

Bringing Us Home

Since the moment Dr. Phillips described as the light going out, God has been at work to let Man return home to Paradise. Scripture begins and ends in Paradise. That’s a very high, summary view of the Bible. But let me point our that eternity past (before the Fall) was perfection. And after evil is banished to the bottomless pit (see Revelation) eternity future is also perfect. We live between those two things due to sin.Kingdom Leadership Module 1

And in this ‘In between’ time, God is working to make possible Man’s trip home. Will we be clothed with light? I don’t know for sure, but I suspect we will. I’m looking forward to finding out. And the really cool part is, I am not supposed to find out by myself. Neither are you. Everything we learn in Genesis is another reason to join God in telling everyone there is a way home! His name is Jesus: the Way the Truth and the Life.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Keith Burnett

The Announcement: The image above is meant to take your attention to the EquipUs store – see navigation bar at the top of this page.

As noted earlier, we’ve had to completely redo the store. And the course materials for Equipping For Life are being posted (If the store looks ’empty’ for another day or two, don’t worry, everything will appear as the links are built). The images in this post are the cover images for some of the courses currently available.

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AND… The image here is for our Genesis course. But that’s NOT the announcement. In September I am going to do the INTRODUCTION to Genesis in a video format (right here on the website!). The videos will be as brief as I can make them. And there will be downloadable guides to use as I teach. More info will be posted soon. Please keep an eye out and sign-up to be part of the event!


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