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Days of Purpose10 Days of Purpose
10 Days of Purpose. This is new for us. But I am sure it will become an annual event. So this is our first-annual offering. 10 Days of Purpose is:Days of Purpose

  • Very important
  • Foundational for future ministry
  • Beginning tomorrow!
  • A 10 day project I’m asking you to engage in

This post will address the points above.

10 Days of Purpose: Importance

People must know in order to engage. Knowledge is necessary if one is to pray for a mission, give to a ministry, or be a mission volunteer. So the first item of importance is communication with you.

Days of Purpose

Days of Purpose Countdown Calendar

The past 5 months have been filled with challenges. Communication has not been as good as it should have been. And last week I discovered there has been a problem with our RSS feed (The RSS is how people get our posts automatically delivered to their email). It hasn’t actually gone out since June. That’s not good for effective communication! So these next ten days will help everyone catch up.

10 Days of Purpose: Future Ministry

Many opportunities are on the calendar. None of them will be realized without prayer. What will the results be when we pray? Only God knows for sure because He is in charge of answering and giving more than we can ask or imagine. And when we pray He moves us to action. Some will help publicize and promote. Some will want to give to meet a specific project. Others may want to volunteer for a mission or help enable another who has the calling to go.
I don’t know the individuals our Father will call to action. None of us know what He will prompt His disciples to do. But I do know that He acts in response to the prayers of His children. So asking is the foundation of what gets accomplished. The result is His glory.

10 Days of Purpose: Tomorrow!

To be honest this is moving a little quicker than I had wanted. That RSS discovery was unsettling. I am sorry for the malfunction. We can only deal with the future and that is what these next ten days are all about.
truthLong-term readers and supporters know I hate the possibility of being thought of as they guy that fills up your email inbox. We all get too much email! That is why our RSS feed (when working properly) only makes two deliveries per week. BUT…
For the next 10 days only (it’s Temporary!!!) email will go to inboxes daily. This may help add perspective. Does your favorite Christian radio station have an annual or semi-annual share-a-thon? You miss the regular programming but you know it’s a temporary thing. Well…
The info that goes out over the next ten days will be posted on this blog, in your RSS, and on our Keith Burnett Ministries Facebook page. It’s a communication blitz, but it’s temporary. And if you don’t currently get our posts/newsletter in your email, you can sign-up on the right side side of this page in the SUBSCRIPTION box. After the Days of Purpose event is concluded the RSS schedule will return to its current frequency of two days each week.

10 Days of Purpose: Engage

How do you engage? I’d appreciate your prayers as I try to succinctly communicate the opportunities we have ahead of us. After that, you could:

  • Subscribe to the Newsletter (right column of this page, scroll down to Subscription box)
  • Share the information with your pastor, Bible Study group, etc.
  • Repost/Share information on your social media outlets
  • Personally encourage other to pray, read the blog posts, or engage in this ministry

Power and Purpose

Days of PurposeOur Father is infinite in His power. We are limited. We all understand those two things. But part of His divine power is expressed in our working together. We’ve seen some pretty amazing results of this ministry over the past 6 years. I have never maintained that those results had much to do with me. They don’t. The lasting results come in astounding ways because God’s people work together for God’s purposes.
That is what has been happening and what I am asking that you continue to do! When/if we do that then we will all be amazed at how our Father works. And that is why my signature sign-off is…

Soli Deo Gloria!

  • (To God Alone Be The Glory)


Questions or comments? Connect with Keith via email.

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  1. Robert Gamble

    God works by means of and at times in spite of us. The key is HE is working.. Hang in there, your’s is a ministry after His heart; “the poor have the gospel preached to them”.

    • Keith Burnett

      Thanks for responding. And there’s a place for you on that November team!!! ­čÖé


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