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EquipUs engages in Equipping For Life. Subscribers know that. But even when we know that, seeing what EquipUs volunteers can accomplish is informative and encouraging. I don’t do very many photo gallery posts but I don’t know a better way to update readers and supporters on our most recent mission in Belize.

EquipUs Team

EquipUs Jungle Team

Final prep with our ‘jungle team’

This team took our maxim to heart: God’s mission is people – God’s method is people. This was a great team and they understood very well that our tasks were not their mission. Their mission was the people we met. And their purpose was to lay a good, solid foundation for years of future work.

They also managed their tasks very well. Those tasks included construction, VBS, women’s ministry, teaching pastors and authorizing churches for ministry. Part of that construction work was in Dolores, a village literally at the end of the road in the Belizean junge.

Five men in our group went to Dolores and spent most of the week working with the villagers while the village pastor was in the Pastor Training School. We have a long-term project to complete the church in Dolores. So please pray and help us celebrate a future day of success.

Mission Scenes

I’ll keep most of the remaining comments in the captions below. But first, thank you for your continuing prayers and support. These scenes wouldn’t be possible with all the things you do!

San Pedro Columbia

Bella Vista


Except for the cover image, these pictures represent our arrival through Monday (our first work day). If time allows, I’ll do another one of these. In the meantime, please pray for the preparations that are underway for our Dom. Republic team (November).

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Soli Deo Gloria! 


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