Answers To Prayer – Report In Real Time!

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answers to prayer

Answers To Prayer – Report In Real Time!

Answers to prayer are like connecting the dots on a blank page. When we pray we do not know how our Father will answer. But He always answers. And there are times when His answer isn’t plainly visible to us. At other times, like TODAY, we can see His answers with 20/20 clarity. I asked you to pray about several things. So you deserve the blessing of encouragement that comes when answers to prayer are revealed. More answers are needed, but we should celebrate them as they come!

Answers To Prayer: Planting Churches

Day 2 in our 10 Days of Purpose was about churches being planted in Belize. The need is for one of our Pastor’s Training School graduates to get a motorcycle. If you didn’t see that post, Pastor Juan is traveling about 40 miles round trip to establish the new church. However, he’s covering that distance by a combination of bicycle riding and walking.
As soon as last week we had received about half the cost of a new motorcycle. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the answer will come from. But just like a connect-the-dots page, this prayer and its answers are starting to take shape. Please continue to pray for Pastor Juan. And please ask your church or Bible study group to consider making a contribution. All the details are in the links in this section.

Answers To Prayer: Ways & Means – Mission Focus

Day 8 was a very transparent, nuts-and-bolts discussion about how this work gets done. The frank nature of the post, and its subject matter, put me a little outside my comfort zone. But an amazing answer to our prayers about Ways & Means showed up in my email TODAY!!!
Mission FocusIt’s not appropriate to share all the details. But I’ll share as much as I can. The prayer request in the Day 8 post was for our donor base to increase by 25. There was no dollar amount attached to that. You can see the post for that discussion.
When I opened my email this morning I had a note from an individual who serves their church by leading their missions committee. I was notified of action they recently took to support this ministry on a monthly basis. I know this church and many of their members know me. But we have had no discussion of them taking such action. The only thing I did about the need for Ways & Means was ask readers and supporters to make it a matter of prayer. Apparently, you did. Thank you!
So do prayers need to continue? Certainly. We are not up to 25 new donors yet! But there are two new ones in just days after we began to pray. And these events literally prove the points I was making in the post about keeping all these items in our prayers. I was surprised by today’s email. And I immediately replied and shared how the actions of this church were connecting-the-dots in our prayer efforts. I hope that encourages them and I hope this post encourages you to continue in prayer.
More updates will follow – I am confident of that. So please stay tuned as we celebrate our Father’s answers to prayer!

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