Mission is about family! Each mission trip I take to Belize teaches me something. God reveals in and around me His desires for my life and what business He wants me to be about. And we are, in fact, supposed to be about our Father’s business. His business looks very different depending on who’s life you are looking into.

Family and PurposeTeaching in San Pedro Columbia

I came into Belize hoping to understand why I was there. And then I wanted to know the purpose for which I had been brought back. On my previous visit, I had been there to serve the mission team as well as the people of Belize. This time was a little different. I was allowed to meet many new people who had never experienced this mission work before. Those people revealed their fears and concerns on the very first night and I understood them. I, too, had experienced the same feelings on my first trips.

We made friends and shared new experiences through the week. We learned from each other and we leaned on each other. There are always bonds made within the mission team itself. You grow to know, love and serve the people you serve alongside. Mission service fosters lasting relationships, deep friendships and partnerships for serving the Lord.

Believers Are FamilyChristian family

Things were a little different this trip. We had three different villages to serve in and that split us up into smaller groups. The team I was on went to San Pedro Columbia, which has been my usual ministry point. This time we had to meet in a new area within the village. That’s fine because my sweet Belizean Mom and Aunt were still there to greet us with lovely smiles. You see we are family. Christians, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we are one no matter the space between.

These men and women are my family. So when I go to Belize, I am home. Alberta and Bonifacia are women of God. And they love the Lord and want the very best for their church family. They work hard to serve. And they know the men they serve are in turn serving their community to spread the Gospel of Christ. It is an honor to cook alongside these women and to learn from them.Teaching family

I got to introduce a few of my new friends to my Belizean family. It was an incredible meeting. Everyone was a little nervous at first. But as they each expressed interest in the women, and what they were doing, nerves dissipated. Bonds were made and strengthened each day. It was amazing to see that happen. True interest and genuine care were expressed. That’s what I was there to do; help connections be made. I was there to be a mediator.

That seems simple. But I understand why it is needed. It is hard to trust new people. And building new relationships is challenging. But I was blessed by it. I am always blessed by these ladies.

The Mission Maxim

New friends

Angela and Brennan – new friends; more fun!

Missions are an incredible opportunity for everyone involved. As a wise man I know repeatedly says…..
God’s Mission is people and God’s method is people. We go to be of service to our Lord Jesus Christ. And He
takes our willingness to serve Him and uses us to serve others.

We are all useful in His kingdom in different ways. He knows who we are and how we can serve Him. So I am thankful to be part of God’s family. And I’m extremely grateful for every opportunity He gives me to be a tiny part in His enormous plan.Subscribe here

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