Keith Burnett portraitIs your mission to turn messy into marvelous? Life is messy! It doesn’t unfold neatly and in order. Life is full of challenging circumstances and difficult people. Sound right? If your mission is turning messy into marvelous, I have great news. It’s a short trip!
Your life may be messy, but you’re not blind. You’re reading this post. Life could be messier! It would be more difficult if you’d been born blind. Don’t think of 21st century blindness. Try to imagine being blind in the first century. Even then the mission to marvelous was only three steps. Here they are…[Read time: under 3 min.]

Mission: Purpose; Step 1

missionA man born blind took the first step toward marvelous when he discovered his purpose. The story of his transformation is filled with purpose. Jesus and His disciples were walking and talking among themselves. As they approached the blind man, the disciples asked a question about him and his purpose,

Why was this man born blind?

Apparently, within an arm’s reach of the blind man, Jesus answered their question without speaking to the blind man. But the blind man heard his life’s purpose (and ours!) in Jesus’ answer,

That the works of God might be displayed in him.

That man’s life seemed insignificant to everyone around him. But God had a purpose for his life. He has one for you, too! Life can’t be truly marvelous unless it’s lived with purpose.

Mission: The “O” Word; Step 2

missionYou’ll figure it out, but this step can’t be avoided. The blind man’s second step is wrapped in irony. Jesus, the One sent from God, made mud and put it on the blind man’s eyes. Then Jesus sent the blind man to the pool called Sent. Jesus had purpose: He was sent. The blind man found purpose and was sent. What do the two have in common? Both of them obeyed. They went.

Messy to Marvelous: Report; Step 3

The first miracle happened when the man washed His eyes in obedience to Jesus. The second miracle is how an uneducated, formerly blind man could confound the pompous preachers of his day. We make this last step much too complicated. God’s purpose for all of us is to display His power in our lives. We are sent to show and tell anyone and everyone what He has done. We may not have more answers than the blind man. But we can show them the way from messy to marvelous if we repeat his truthful report:

One thing I do know, I was blind but now I see!

Soli Deo Gloria!  

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