The 12 Days Of Christmas is a seasonal favorite. And even if it isn’t one of your favorites, my new twist on this Christmas classic should prove informatvie and helpful. I hope so. The roadmap for this series follows my sign-off.

12 Days – Day 1

Think about this question: Can one say, ‘No, Lord’? If He is Lord, then the only possible answer is, Yes! A song lyric by Shirley Caesar captured that thought:

I’ll say, “Yes, Lord, yes” to Your will and to your way
I’ll say, “Yes, Lord, yes” I will trust You and obey
When your Spirit speaks to me with my whole heart I’ll agree
And my answer will be, “Yes, Lord, yes”

This series is about providing as many opportunities as possible for everyone to say, Yes, Lord, yes!

12 Days of Christmas post

Pastor Training School – La Romana – August 2022

The First Day Of Christmas opportunity is for the new work in La Romana, Dom. Republic. In order to get that off the ground as quickly as possible, we are scheduled to have a small teaching team on the ground in January. Our departure is less than 30 days away. The opportunity is to help underwrite that ministry launch.

The Apostle Paul planted a new church in the Roman city of Philippi (see Acts 16). He moved on to minister in other cities. He received an offering from the young church in Philippi while he was in Thessalonica (Acts 17). Paul acknowledged their gift in Philippians 4. The point? The Philippian believers said Yes! to their opportunity. What was it? Providing the resources necessary for Paul to continue spreading the Gospel.

12 Days – Day 2

VBS kids

VBS in Samana

Would you be surprised if opportunity number two came in February? That’s when we have a team set to be in Samana, Dom. Republic. And Samana provides another opportunity to say Yes!

We are planning a graduation for the Pastor Training School in Samana. At every graduation we try to give each pastor a new Study Bible. And we also try to have a gift bag for the pastor’s wife and/or family. Did you notice the word try? We do all of that as-funds-allow. EquipUs is able to touch many lives because so many Helping Hands work together to drive the ministry forward.

So, if helping a graduating pastor sounds like your kind of opportunity, then this may be your opportunity to say Yes! during our reworked 12 Days Of Christmas.

12 Days – Day 3

Everyone can say Yes! to our Day 3 opportunity. Mission support comes in many forms and prayer is the most important of them all. And what I’m asking everyone to pray about in this case could bring incredible results.

Donation Link

Donation link for Helping Hands!

As the first two Days show, ministry requires resources. But these are challenging days for people to donate to anything. Why? The price of everything! But grants are still available and still funded.

As a non-profit, EquipUs is eligible for grant funding from many sources. In fact, we have made several grant applications over the past two years but didn’t have any positive results. But that could be changing.

I was in a meeting earlier this week and part of the discussion was on grants for non-profit organizations. Finding available grants is the big challenge. Once a potential grant is identified the application process is a little tedious but not all that big a deal. What was the subject of that meeting? A new resource for quickly identifying grant opportunities – globally! There is much to explore, wisdom is needed and prayer is the key. As I said, this has the potential for incredible results.

Two In One

Subscribe hereThe setting of this post is about ways to engage in the ministry of Equipping For Life. That’s very necessary. But please take note of our ministry calendar for 2023. As the series unfolds, you’ll find that the New Year is already filled with opportunities and we need to meet them together.

Soli Deo Gloria! 

P.S. – Don’t worry, you won’t get 12 emails in this series. The rest of our 12 Days Of Christmas will come in two more