Website Launch – Use Instructions, Pt. 2

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A website launch is no easy task. It’s not as big as the launch pictured here! And everyone knows there were hundreds or thousands of hands involved in launching the shuttle. It wasn’t just the finger that pushed the button! And that’s how it needs to be with a good website launch. More about that below. First, let’s finish up the discussion on the post categories on the opening page (new website).

Website Launch: More Info

Website LaunchThe previous post covered the first four groupings of posts on the opening page. This post addresses the remaining four.

As you can see, there is a brief description of each grouping below the corresponding graphic.

Believers need to be equipped (and well practiced!) in prayer. Clicking on this icon will take you to posts on the subject of prayer. Insights posted here can equip you and/or help you equip others. Remember, I am not the only equipper here!


The eyeglasses on the open page tell you what this group of posts is about. I’ve posted several things in the last few months about how to study the Bible. In part, that was done in anticipation of this feature of the new website. But the bigger picture is the need for this kind of instruction. Please do no wait on me, your pastor, your small group leader, or anyone else to unpack the Word for you. Be as skillful as you can in this area. That doesn’t mean we won’t gain insight from the study of others. We will. But we need to dig for ourselves. We learn more that way!

The Mission Field

This grouping of posts will almost always be ‘open’ for viewing, i.e., not a members only section. Why? When we have mission volunteer teams on the ground (wherever that may be) we want anyone/everyone to be able to see what is happening. When people can see the work going on they know what they supported, how their prayers are being answered, and many are encouraged to join in as a future volunteer.

But there is another kind of post that will show up here. We get updates from time to time from friends in far away places. I share those as appropriate and this will be the place to look for all things described as the mission field. And of course, I use that term in its most commonly understood way. We all have a mission field behind our own front door and another one just outside of it! More about that elsewhere.

Christians & Culture

I have found myself addressing cultural concerns. How do we take the truths of Scripture and faithfully apply them to the crazy, mixed up world we live in? Like good study, we need to learn to do that. And when it’s appropriate there will be posts in this thread that help us do that very thing. This could have been titled: Being Salt & Light. You get the idea!

Website Launch: Help Needed

If you will be so kind as to help with the launch, please fill in this form. We expect to be done with this by mid-February. The process is to formally announce the site, then promote it, and have a brief sign-up period. We will then close membership in the site for a while. When we open it back up for new members, we will ask for a new launch team. So an agreement to help is NOT open ended! Just thought you’d like to know.  Launch helpers register HERE.

Soli Deo Gloria! 


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