Love your neighbor as yourself. That seems simple. And it was intended to simply our lives. But how do we do that? What does loving my neighbor look like? Fortunately, I have a few pictures!

Love Your Neighbor

We know this as the Second Commandment because that’s how Jesus defined it in Mark 12:30-31. But Jesus didn’t stop with a simple definition. He gave us something else to tell us, ‘This is what it looks like to love your neighbor as yourself.’ What was it? The parable of the Good Samaritan.

I don’t have pictures of the character in Jesus’ parable. But I do have pictures of people who are very similar. And if Jesus thought it was a good idea to illustrate His Second Commandment then I am sure it’s also good to have an occasional, visual reminder.

So with a few pictures and words, let me show you two ways to love your neighbor. And if you are blessed by what you see you can follow this ministry as a subscriber. You’ll get enough updates to be a good prayer partner and access to insightful helps for you to love your neighbor.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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