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Divine Appointments

Divine appointments. That is a great description of our day. But that doesn’t give you the details. And as I said in my Facebook album post, the story is huge! It’s very evident our Father is at work and we got to get in on it today. This should encourage one and all!

Divine Appointments: Walking Alongside

Mission Prayers

With students on Monday

Our children’s ministry team was invited back to the batey school. And they learned a little more about the teacher who allowed them into class yesterday. This teacher is a Christian. She is almost alone in that regard. Other faculty members do not always treat her well because of her beliefs. But that doesn’t bother her. She told our team she is there to please and serve the Lord. And she travels quite a way to teach in this school. For her it’s a labor of love for the Lord and the children. It was a great encouragement for our team to be sent to her class room. Funny how our Father knows what we need and sends it to us in the most amazing ways!

Divine Appointments: Finding Favor

Divine Appointments

Looking in on the Prayer Circle

In one of our devotional times, I brought up the fact that God can cause us to find favor in the eyes of others. That is a prayer often prayed over this ministry. It comes from the life of DanielWe actually prayed for the Lord to cause us to find favor in the eyes of the people we came to serve. That prayer was answered today!
The team went to the school and promptly got an invitation to go to the Principal’s Office. This was not the person who had allowed them in yesterday. But this person could keep them out on all other days. Did I mention divine appointments?
The Principal talked with our children’s ministry team. The result of the conversation showed favor had been granted. And all of that is what set the stage for things to come!

Divine Appointments: Gospel Declared & Received

Their time with the students was fun. They shared the Word of God talked with each other. And then the Spirit of God settled on that group of students. The team reported that it was noticeable. God had purposed to do a saving work in that place on this day and our team got to be part of it. Many students came to Christ for salvation. But our God is able to do more than we can ask or imagine.

Divine Appointments: Please Pray

As awesome as today was, there may be more to come. It was the Principal, not the Christian teacher, who suggested the team return on Wednesday. And the invitation was very specific. She wanted them to return when ALL the students would be available to interact with our team.
So our team is returning tomorrow afternoon. And instead of one class, they will have the opportunity to share with all the students in the school. Now I just don’t know how to classify events like that except to say:

It’s a God thing!

That just seems so obvious. But we are asking you to pray for our team. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they share. Pray for protection. Pray for those students who have yet to give their lives to Christ. I am confident that is what the Lord desires to have happen. And I can’t wait to see the results of what He has in store for this group tomorrow!

Soli Deo Gloria!



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