The Launch Is Today!!!

The new website gets off the ground today. Our new site is centered around Equipping For Life, Helping Hands, and the E-quip.Us Store. You’ll notice all of that and I’ll be posting about those things from the new site!

Website LaunchThere will also be some goodies to pass around to early subscribers. Well, honestly there will be something for everybody. Just stop by. You’ll see everything in the posts as they come out. So, log on and look around after the launch.

A few other things will happen later in the day. When the doors finally open we will put an announcement on Facebook. There will also be an email from me! It will probably be brief as my fingers are already worn down significantly from getting things ready! And finally, there will be another post here that says we have MOVED! Please stay alert, stay tuned, and when those announcements come, please share them.

Until then, if you think of us–pray for us. We are working hard to take the next steps in ministry growth.

Soli Deo Gloria!  

Keith Burnett |