Peace of Purpose

The Peace of Purpose

Ever tried to be someone or something you are not? There is peace in knowing your purpose! Many never find their purpose and they never know peace. The good news is, purpose is easy for all to find. It has been plainly stated and placed before us all! The challenge might be liking it when we find it.

Peace of Purpose

In all of human history there have only been two kinds of people. There are those who:

  • Love God and serve Him
  • Do not know God and do not serve Him

The second group will never know real purpose in life. Consequently they will never have a deep, abiding peace. The value of this post to that group is to say, Purpose and peace in life is possible!
peaceEveryone in the first group should have the peace that God’s purpose brings. The problem is, many don’t know their purpose. So even though the blessing of peace is available to them, they often do not experience it.
If you are a member of the Love God & Serve Him group, then you recognize the Greatest Commandment in the name I chose for this group. So how do we serve Him? When Satan tempted Jesus to bow down and worship him, Jesus’ reply was:

You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.

Loving God first is the focus of worship. And genuine worship will always bring about service. The two go hand in hand. Jesus’ answer is evidence of that. Satan’s temptation had no reference to service, but Jesus’ answer makes the connection between the two.
So how does all this relate to the peace that many find so elusive? First, our primary purpose in living is to love God more than anything or anyone else. In fewer words, our purpose is to be a disciple. Second to that is our service. Jesus’ defined and focused our service in Matthew 28:19. We are to make disciples.
With that, it gets very easy to see and state our purpose. We can turn Love God & Serve Him into:

Be a disciple – make disciples

As I said in the beginning, finding purpose is actually easy. We often want things to be be more complicated than they are. Can purpose in life really be that easy? It is. You might find it challenging to accept and like your God-given purpose. But embracing it will bring you peace.
Now, as helpful as this post may be, let me give you a heads up. In one of the blogs I follow I ran across a great piece on this subject. I’ll share it in the next post! Stay tuned.

Soli Deo Gloria! 


Keith Burnett |