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storm lightningSerenity: Is it the time before the storm, during the storm, or after the storm? Only one of those choices could be considered miraculous. And that’s the serenity worth examining and worth sharing. Because when it is seen, the world will take notice!
Re-writing this post is theraputic for me. I’m in the storm. How many lessons and/or sermons have we heard, taught, or preached about the disciples in a storm? I have had my own offerings in this area. Our insights to gaining serenity come from two storms Jesus’ disciples faced.
One storm ended after Jesus came to His disciples by walking on the water. You can study the details of that storm in Matthew 14, Mark 6, and John 6.
The other storm calming the seaended after the disciples went to the back of the boat to awaken Jesus. They accused Him of not caring whether or not they died. But the storms share many common elements. And both have a great deal to teach us about the serenity that should characterize our lives!

Serenity: Seeing It In The Storms

We don’t get the full impact of these events if we don’t examine the details recorded by the different human writers. Each makes note of things the others do not. So our lesson really comes in building a composite account of the storms. Notice:
The Charge Before the Storm

  • In both cases, Jesus told the discples to get in the boat and go to the other side.
  • Jesus’ instruction is to be followed. He is God.
  • Jesus’ instruction is to be trusted. (But He knew the storm was coming. He’s God!)

The Correctness of the Storm

  • The storms were not a surprise to Jesus.
  • Storms we face do not surprise our Father.
  • God is always at work for our good – even in the storms we endure.
  • Jesus promises to be with us in and through the storms, not deliver us from the storms.

The Cries in the Storm

  • The disciples rowed and bailed until there seemed to be no hope.
  • Then they cried out to Jesus.waves
  • What if they had cried out sooner?
  • How big do the waves have to get before I cry out to Him?

The Control of the Storm

  • The storm wasn’t to destroy the disciples but to display the deity of Jesus
  • Disciples have delusions of control.
  • Jesus is Lord of the storm. Only He can say, “Peace, be still!”

The Conclusion is Written in the Beginning

  • In both storms, Jesus told the disciples to get in the boat and go to the other side.
  • What Jesus commands will happen. (Where did the disciples end up?)
  • The circumstances caused disciples to forget ‘go to the other side.’
  • Jesus’ instruction (the Word of God) is serenity in the storm.

Serenity: Notice What Was Calmed

Here’s a little ‘homework’ assignment. We often take notice of the fact that Jesus calmed the seas. That speaks of His great power. But which Gospel account tells us that Jesus also calmed the disciples? Check it out. Our Good Shepherd is equally capable of working to bring serenity to fearful hearts.
serenityThe danger of the storms endured by the disciples is distraction. And that’s the danger we face in our storms’/trials. Circumstances distract us from what God has said. The world doesn’t need to see Christians who experience no difficulty. They need to see Christians who exhibit serenity and peace while the storms rage! That’s glorious and it’s a miracle that ought to be on display in all our lives. He loves you enough to make that happen. Don’t forget what He said! I’m working on it even as you read!

Soli Deo Gloria!

P.S. – I love the opening pic. It makes me smile. But that’s often how we look at our storms and trials. Nothing was ‘going like we wanted it to’ and then we find out that God was at work all along. That’s the rest of this story I’ll share in the next post!


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