Seeing The Unseen – The Un-Mission

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The unseen is a constant part of life. We laugh about it when a toddler believes something does not exist because they can no longer see it. At some point, we come to understand unseen does not mean unreal. But how often do we revert to the toddler’s mindset? More often than we’d like to admit!

The Unseen 

Do you remember the UnCola? That was the marketing slogan for 7up during the 70’s and 80’s. Colas were dark while 7up was clear. So 7up was unlike other soft drinks. Like me, some of you remember those ads!

Our latest EquipUs mission team was traveling this past weekend. I spent some of those hours looking back over all that happened to make this mission possible. Then I thought about communicating those thoughts to you. That’s a normal part of mission weeks. We do our best to keep you up to date so you will know how your prayers are being answered. And that allows us to celebrate the Lord’s work together.

And it seems good to talk about this week’s mission as the Un-mission. The first reason is represented by that toddler we’ve all known. When we see the mission team we see with our eyes. There are specific people with real names. You may be personally acquainted with one or more them. But even if you don’t know them, you see their pictures in mission posts and you can read about the work they are doing. Are those the only people involved in the mission? You know the answer.

But just because there are mission elements that are unseen does not mean they do not exist! So for the remainder of the week, I’ll share several UN things that we will do well to remember.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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