futureThe future is part of everyday life. Don’t think so? Do you deposit funds into a savings account or a 401K? You did that with an eye toward the future. You teach children for their current and future benefit. Ministry is the same. And that is how last week’s mission will reach beyond the time of our lives. So enjoy the update. And imagine how laying up your investments of prayer and support will become treasures in heaven. See, the future really is part of everyday life – if we take the time to see it.

The Future: A Promised OutcomeMinistry Updates

This picture was in a recent post. And I commented about the smiles. My prediction was those smiles would be duplicated many times over as we supplied more pastors with new study Bibles. But that prediction was easy to make.
I wish every reader could have been present to see the smiling faces. futureThose grins were worn by the recipients as well as by our Mission: Hope team members. It would have blessed you greatly to hear the thankful replies. Some were given with tears. We have shared on multiple occasions that some devoted servants of the Lord only have tattered and torn copies of the Scripture. So supplying Bibles has a current benefit. But it also has a future benefit for those ministers and their ministries. But it doesn’t stop there. God extends His reward to the ones who provided, worked on site, and the pastors who will spread the Word that never returns without accomplishing its intended purpose (Isaiah 55:11). So for all those reasons, we have cause to be thankful.

The Future: Sown Today

futureWe got to have a graduation last week. It was awesome. And it’s a little bit like watching your garden grow. Seeds are planted. The soil is watered. And the plants pop up. The future holds tomatoes, peppers, melons, or whatever else one planted. We don’t know what God will do in the future ministry of the pastors and church leaders we get to teach and equip. But the graduation is like seeing those new spring plants – only better. We know that God is at work in all of us. And to borrow from a famous song, we can only imagine what He will do with the efforts we have given to Him.
futureWe had a big surprise for the graduating class. Each graduate received their diploma and a new NIV study Bible. Thanks to the generosity of supporters, we had more study Bibles than graduates. We gave away every Bible we took – and we will be taking more for the next class session in the Fall. The need is still there. So if you’d like to help, and invest in your Kingdom rewards, please drop me a note.

Future: Grace Abounds


Giver & receiver – all smiles!

There was more to the week than teaching and graduating. And this part of our week is another one of those times I get to see God’s grace in action. His grace is still amazing, marvelous, and matchless. Grace was on display in our first worship service with our hosts. My dad was invited to preach. His prayer was for someone to hear and respond to God’s offer of grace. That prayer was answered. Salvation came to house of a young woman in the service. God is good!
futureBut grace also came to another house. About three weeks ago I shared our intent to visit with Pastor Alberto’s family. We were able to take some funds to his widow. And that was a blessing. But it didn’t stop there. The person who made that initial donation for Alberto’s family had no idea what the future of their actions would be.
Another person saw that post. They contacted me. In response to that post they indicated they also wanted to help meet the needs of Alberto’s family. Their donation was larger than the first. Both donors laid up treasure for a heavenly future. And a family in need got to see God’sfuture grace and provision in action. But it doesn’t stop there.
There are children in that family. We are helping to build their lives and all that will become of them. But there was another very important person with us when we made our visit. During a class break I met the young man who took Alberto’s place as pastor. In one conversation I learned the church had a new pastor AND that the pastor was a new student in the pastor training school. We took him with us to make the family visit.
Thank you for your prayers. And thank you for engaging in the ways you do. God sees, God knows, and His rewards are just a small part of what we will enjoy in our future with Him!

Soli Deo Gloria! 


Keith Burnett | keithburnett.org