Prayer: Profound Simplicity

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I know, prayer is not as simple as my title suggests. Or is it? In some ways it is. Yet the simplicity God shows us is sometimes challenging. So why bring it up?

Prayer: A Necessity

Scripture tells us (see James 4:2-3; Matthew 7:7):

You have not because you ask not.

Our part of that is profoundly simple: ASK! At the same time, it can be extremely difficult. The reason is admitting our own inadequacies and/or inabilities regarding our needs. When we ask our Father, we do several things all at once:

  • Admit we can’t meet the need ourselves
  • Acknowledge Him as the Source of every good and perfect gift (see James)
  • Place ourselves in subjection to His perfect choices to meet our needs
  • Recognize His answer may not be the one we’re looking for

And that’s not a complete list! But it does begin the process of understanding. And you are probably wondering about my point.

Prayer: Current Concerns


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The things we ask of our Father change rapidly. But there are some ‘constants’ in our prayers. Those would be things like family, thanksgiving, and God’s provision for daily needs (…our daily bread.) But even those subjects vary depending on the day, our season in life, and other factors.

My point here is ministry concerns. Prayer around each of the following items is very needed. Could I ask you to look over what follows and just pick one to add to your prayer time? Of course, adding them all would be even better!

And I have a second request: Would you mind taking a second to let me know which item you are praying for? You can do that in the comments section or in a private email. The method doesn’t matter. Your reply is a blessing all by itself. Why? I can hope or expect people will join together to pray. But your confirmation of that fact tells me there is more than one involved in the effort. And that is an encouragement I don’t know how to describe.

The List:

  • Two summer missionaries – Alex and Holden are two of three young people who have contacted me about engaging in extended mission work. For these two, time will be spent in Samana, Dominican Republic over this summer. Please pray for them. I’ll post progress as appropriate. And if you’d like to help support them, contribution info is below.
  • Orphanage in Barahona – The support program has been successfully taken over by Foster Street Wesleyan Church in N.C. I am still in close contact with folks at the church as well as Jodie. There are needs at the orphanage and I’ll share those separately.
  • Summer – You may not think of summer as a challenge. If you were to ask your pastor or the head of your church’s finance team, you’d probably learn they see summer a little differently than other folks. Summer is what it is and everyone ought to go and do the things they do. But it’s no secret many let their giving slip as other activities take their attention. Please pray for the $ side of this ministry over the next four months.
  • Mission Opportunities – We have a construction team forming to work in Barahona this Fall. The plan is to work on the church at Villa Progresso. So this need is for team building and fund raising (about $3,000.00). As noted, we have a team headed to Samana at the end of June. Please pray for this team’s preparation and ministry as well.
  • Personal & Sponsoring Pastors – A great deal of effort is going into our Pastor Sponsorship tools on the website. And since this is a new thing, it’s obviously a ‘feel our way along’ kind of work. Equipping those who are called to equip others is vital. But there’s no way it can be done by one or two. It will require many of working together, praying together, and contributing together. So, the prayer is for wisdom and many helping hands!

What To Do…

Reply to Prayer Request list: COMMENT below – OR – use the Get In Touch tool at the bottom of the first page of the website

Sponsor A Pastor – Becoming a ministry member is the way to sponsor a pastor, giving them access to all EquipUs resources. Follow THIS LINK. for Membership info and choose your level of support. Choose: Helping Hands – Member

Support ministry needs and/or summer missionaries: Make check payable to Mission: Hope. Mail to Keith Burnett Ministries, PO 803, AL, 37568.

Soli Deo Gloria!  

Keith BurnettThanks!


Questions or comments? Connect with Keith via email.

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