The cover picture had many points of encouragement for me. And another picture was already in my mind as I snapped it. What things do you see in this image of a mission team having breakfast together on their first morning in-country?

Picture Of Encouragement: Today

pictureAn obvious point of encouragement is a mission team on site and ready to work. When we see fellow believers acting in obedience to the call and commands of Christ it should encourage us. There are team members I have worked with on prior missions. And it is good to see familiar faces and renew our relationships. But there are team members I have just met. They are not new to missions but they are new to me. It’s encouraging to meet more people who are willing to invest themselves in the Lord’s call to missions.

pictureThe setting for all these pictures is also encouraging. We are in Samana, Dominican Republic. I was here just a month ago with a group from another church. There are friends here. They are working hard for the Kingdom. It is a blessing to work alongside them. We all share the joy of iron sharpening iron. And we get to see what God is doing in all our labors, wherever they may be. So I see the joy and encouragement in the purposes and calling we all have in common.

Picture Of Encouragement: Tomorrow

pictureAll the above is true and good. But there is a better picture. And it’s the one this meal scene brought to my mind. Believers are moving to just such a scene. But it will be far greater and grander than we can possibly imagine. Based on Revelation 19:7, we know we will gather around God’s table. Scripture calls it the Marriage Feast of the Lamb. And there are similarities between that table we have not seen and the one in my picture.

We will gather with friends we have known. Our relationships will be remembered and renewed. But we will also sit down with new friends; people with whom we have shared the love and call of Christ. And according to the John’s vision, we will continue to have and share a common purpose. What purpose? We will worship, honor, and glorify Jesus Christ for ages without end. You see, at that feast He is the Groom and we are His bride. And it’s all about Him!

Picture Of Mission

pictureSo the picture of a mission team returns to its origin. The mission of Jesus is draw men unto Himself from every nation, tribe, and tongue. His agenda is to include all who will come in that heavenly celebration feast. And the good news for today is this: You can be a part of what He is doing! If you can’t think of another way, just spend a little time this week praying for the mission team in Samana. Pray for the work of Mission: Hope in all its locations.

And while you’re praying, lift up your pastors and the ministry of your local congregation. All will be thankful that you prayed. And your prayers will make you part of the picture of missions!

Soli Deo Gloria!

PS – It took a little longer than I predicted to get this out. My apologies. When I posted on Facebook Saturday my intention was for this to be up on Saturday evening. Physical limitations prevented that and I apologize.
Sunday was a great day with our friends in Samana. Thanks to all who prayed for our time and ministry. The Sunday worship was rich and the Lord blessed the preaching of His Word. Thanks again for your prayers. We have several days left, so please keep praying!

Keith Burnett |