Smiley FaceLaughter is always in order – for many reasons. I laughed all over again as I was doing some website maintenance. This post is still hilarious! Now, from a few years back:

Some things are just funny. And we all know laughter is good for the heart. I could write a great deal about the bad examples in this video. Road rage is not a good thing and we could all wax eloquent about vengeance belonging to God. But…

At some time in your past, maybe on your way to work or on your way home, did you ever encounter someone you just wished would ‘get his’ before he got home? And didn’t you wish you’d be around to see it? Now you can!

Laughter is good, so try not to laugh too loud at this example of bad behavior! And it will make your laughter even greater to know the guy who ‘got his’ had his windows down.



Keith Burnett |