Our website is changing – in many, many ways. Actually, it’s a new website. And we are finally at the place to start making announcements and giving helpful hints for a smooth transition. So this post is the first of several along that line.

Website – Finding The Latest Post

On the current site, the latest blog post shows up at the top of the opening page. And it has been that way for a long time (too long). The length of time we’ve used the current website has contributed to some of the difficulties in making changes and upgrades. We didn’t want to lose anything in the transition, but the amount of material, data, and/or images was massive. So my note-to-self is not to wait this long before upgrading the site again!

Finding the latest blog post on the new site is still easy. But blog posts do not appear on the opening page. And that is why I thought a picture would be helpful. The featured image for this post is an edited screenshot of the new website. The arrows on the picture address today’s subject.

New Website – New Name

new websiteThe arrows point to the blog link. You may notice it says: EquipUs. You might also remember I used that term in this recent post. That was intentional, but unexplained. Part of the process of reworking the site was defining its purpose – or, the essential focus of this ministry. Ideally, those two things should be the same. Questions were asked and I am thankful that you responded to them. Your responses and our self-evaluations said this ministry is about equipping. That’s not a surprise since equipping believers is God’s instruction for pastors.

In the long process of getting the site ready to launch, I actually bought the E-quip.Us domain name. You will see that name more and more in the coming days. But, for the moment, it is the name we are giving to the blog portion of our new site. The blog now has a name and that name is what we do! More about that below.

Those of you who have subscribed to our rss feed get the latest posts in your email. That will not change. The EquipUs blog will still be searchable in the usual ways. But there are some upgrades to help you access Biblical insights and comments on various topics.

EquipUs – Our Life-Missions

If the latest blog post isn’t on the front page, what is? Well, that’s what we will cover in the next post! Until then, think about the missions of your life. You have quite a few. I call some of them big-picture missions. They cover all of life for every believer. Then we have those life-missions that are more individual in nature. I share some of those with other pastors because the Word carries God’s instruction for what we do and how we are to do it. That’s an example of a Biblical mission I don’t share with every believer – just those the Father has called as under shepherds. There are many other examples.

We used the front page to equip these life-missions. And I’ll get into some specifics in the next post!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Keith Burnett | keithburnett.org