Missions OpportunitiesMissions is not usually a humorous subject – unless you’re reading something by a good satirist! And I love good satire. I visit the Babylon Bee fairly often for that reason. With that said, I did a web search that turned up several very good posts on missions. I do that often and I share good things when I find them.

The 7 “reasons” in this post were compiled by David Armstrong. Based on his writing, he’s probably a person I would love to meet personally. Enjoy his post on why you should never consider doing missions, mission trips, or any of that evangelism stuff. There is a link at the bottom to his site and the original article.

Soli Deo Gloria! 

Seven Reasons You Should Never Go On A Short-term Mission Trip

– David Armstrong

1. It will distort your perception of the world!

Seeing it through the plastic lenses of our society is sufficient. They may be distorted, but you are used to them! Don’t needlessly mess yourself up.

2. You could get sick or robbed!

It’s dangerous out there! Some places have a crime rate almost as high as our inner cities.

3. It will make you harder to live with!

The way you view life and even your likes and dislikes are liable to change. Your friends and family probably won’t understand or appreciate your sudden changes.

4. Afterwards, you will feel awkward.

…at some of the jokes and comments you currently enjoy. They will not seem as funny when you have seen life from the other side.

5. You will experience sadness you haven’t felt before.

After you see real suffering, you won’t pay much attention to your complaining about how hard you’ve got it. You are even liable to feel guilty and uncomfortable about the nice things in your house and the food on your table. Stay home and stay comfortable!

6. You might lead someone to the Lord.

I know that is a laudable goal, but it tends to cause excitement and further interest in Christian service.

7. You could feel a pull toward going overseas again.

…for the adventure, of course. The problem is that you could slowly, subtly get sucked into thinking about being a missionary!

My advice? Stay home and stay comfortable!

It is too late for me—but there is still hope for you! So keep praying for both me and yourself!

Keith: It’s too late for me, too! 


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