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Life Lessons – Epic Stress Relief!

How many prescriptions have you seen for stress relief? How well did they work? This Life Lessons post tells you how to remove the biggest and most serious source of stress in any life! It doesn’t have anything to do with looking at gardens for flowers. BUT, the flowers are a good teaching tool!

Life Lessons – See Every Flower

Life LessonsThe flower garden is my metaphor for Scripture. My wife’s landscape plantings are likely responsible for this. As I look at the beautiful results of her work around our house, it’s hard to say which flowers are the prettiest. They form a palette of color and beauty. We often encounter Scripture the same way. In well known passages we see the more noticeable ‘flowers.’ Consequently, we overlook ‘flowers’ that seem to be in the background. My case in point is Psalm 49.

The ‘big’ things we take away from that Psalm are things like these:

They trust in their wealth and boast of their abundant riches. Yet these cannot redeem a person or pay his ransom to God —[vss. 6 & 7]

But God will redeem my life from the power of Sheol, for He will take me. [vs. 15]

For when he dies, he will take nothing at all; his wealth will not follow him down. [vs. 17]

A quick internet image search for Psalm 49 will show pictures and cartoons Life Lessonsof a hearse with a U-haul trailer. We laugh, and we should. But we learn to put earthly possessions in their proper perspective.

If we do that, it would certainly reduce a great deal of the stress in our lives. Life is not about pursuing possessions. Life is about pursuing purpose. And as helpful as that truth is for relieving the stress in our lives, there is another little ‘flower’ in this garden that is even better!

Life Lessons – Prioritize Truth

All truth is good because genuine truth comes from God. However, priorities exist. For example, should I love my wife? YES! That is a truth found in a Biblical mandate from Ephesians 5 and Colossians 3. Do I love her? YES! Is there another truth more important than that? YES! I (we) am to love God with all my being. Both things are true, but love of God has the priority position.

Now, is it important to put earthly possessions in their proper perspective? YES! But is something else more important? YES, and it’s also in this Psalm:

…since the price of redeeming him is too costly, one should forever stop trying – [vs. 8; see vs. 7 above]

 The redemption of our lives is vastly more important than our possessions. Yet, I have encountered many people who are consumed with consumption. Furthermore, they mistakenly believe they can do something to improve their position before Almighty God.

The psalmist, inspired by God, said we should stop our striving FOREVER! That is profound, and we overlook it. I know, you’re thinking about all those ‘poor lost people’ who suffer under such a mistaken thought. Don’t hurry to dismiss yourself from this problem.

Remember, this blog is primarily a devotional resource for believers! As a minister I have encountered many people in the Church who believe they can do something to make God love them more than He does. They may also believe they can do something to make God love them less than He already does. Neither is true.

In Romans 5:8, the Apostle Paul tells:

But God proves His own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us! 

See it there? …while we were still sinners… Here is the Life Lessons truth for ridding yourself of stress: No one can do anything to make God love them more or less than He already does! Stop trying. The perceived need is false, and the effort is futile! God loves you because He is God and He is love, not because you are who you are!

Living in the light of these truths will radically reduce (eliminate?) the stress in your life. Think about it!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Keith Burnett |