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mission statementA Perfect Mission Statement: In order to form a better…Life & Mission
Does a perfect mission statement exist? The cover photo makes us laugh because we have all seen a mission statement that is convoluted and/or confusing. And many of us have had to work in an organization guided by such statements. We like clarity and we need it. And there’s always room to improve unless what we have is perfect. But can any mission statement be perfect for all situations?


mission statementIn the previous posts we examined the roles that define our lives. And we learned there is a divine priority in those life-defining roles. Disciple is the priority role for all who follow Jesus Christ. That role defines every other part of our lives. But how should we define a disciple’s mission statement? What is their purpose for living?
Those questions can be easily answered. But doing it too quickly doesn’t serve us well. Why? There are some wrong answers that have taken root in many places. Looking at them will help us see the beauty of a perfect mission statement. It really does exist!

Good Things In Wrong Places

As we saw with our personal relationships, good things can cause problems if they are out of order. Many good things have been used to make a mission statement for disciples. Worship and evangelism are two good examples.


mission statementOnly God is worthy of worship. His worship is prescribed in the Ten Commandments. And the Greatest Commandment is about worship. Loving Him above all else is worship. So how can worship be out of line as a believer’s mission statement? And the answer is: It depends! How we define worship is the key.
Volumes have been written on the subject. A simple contrast will make the point. Have you ever heard of Gregorian Chant? There was a time when people thought worship was a believer’s defining mission. And properly defined, it is. But their expression of that belief was to lock themselves away from the world and sing the ‘latest worship choruses’ all day and night. Is that the kind of worship God desires or requires?
If an all-consuming love is what God requires (and He does), and if we define that as worship, then what is love? Many think only in terms of sentimental feelings. God loved us but it was far beyond sentimentality. Notice:

God so loved the world that He gave… (John 3:16)

Christ demonstrated His love for us in that while we were still sinners He died for us. (Romans 5:8)

Love that is worthy is like God’s love. It demonstrates itself. Love takes action. Jesus used the parable of the Good Samaritan as an example of loving one’s neighbor. The Samaritan man acted where others would not. But Jesus also connected worship and actions as He resisted Satan’s temptation. Satan enticed Jesus to fall down and worship him. But Jesus’ answer makes the connection we need to see:

You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve. (Matthew 4:10). 

Furthermore, Jesus said if we love Him we will keep His commandments. Again, there is the connection between loving God and the actions we take. So should worship define our lives? Absolutely. But it’s to be a worship that drives proper actions. And what actions would be named in a perfect mission statement?


mission statementThe English word evangelism derives from a word found three times in the New Testament. From it we get evangelize, evangelist, and evangelism. It is clear we should bring others to Christ. But is evangelism a believer’s perfect mission statement? Is evangelism the sum total of our earthly mission? If not, is Biblical evangelism different than today’s usual practice of it? There is a difference. And it is found in definitions!
Jesus’ perfect mission statement is large enough to encompass the purpose for living. But many have attempted to redefine His statement. In doing so they have taken a good thing (evangelism) and substituted it for a better thing. And they have significantly reduced the scope of what it means to evangelize.
In many instances evangelism means sharing the Gospel and seeing someone surrender their lives to the Lordship of Christ. That is truly a great thing. I work to see those moments and I teach others to do the same thing. But that moment is an event. It is not the total of evangelism. And if our definition stops there then predictable problems will arise. Guess what! Those problems are all around us.

The Perfect Mission Statement

There is one. I had no idea it would take this many words to get this far. So for now just consider the ideas and definitions in these three posts. The next episode will deal exclusively with the perfection of Jesus’ words to us.

Soli Deo Gloria!  



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