Holden is doing well. And this update is an opportunity for several things. One of those is to thank you for responding to him in this space. He is keeping up and he sees your comments ir ao site. We BOTH thank you for that. And another item is to thank you for your continued prayers. Those are the obvious things…but there is more!

Holden: What Is The Mission

One of the pictures is the afternoon class. Holden teaches two classes each day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning class is mostly younger children. And you can see the afternoon class has an older student body! That division is working well. But how does class get to the water’s edge?

HoldenActually, that’s pretty simple if we keep certain, basic principles in mind. First, what is the mission? I pose this question to mission volunteers every time I take them out. If the volunteers are doctors and/or nurses they may say the mission is medical work. If we are building a church or other structures they may say the mission is construction. And people who help teach pastors or a VBS may say the mission is education. Respectfully, none of those answers are correct.

If we are to successfully meet our mission, then it must be the same mission God has. Seems simple enough. So, what is His mission? It is stated in multiple places and in various ways. I like to use Revelation 5:9 to answer this question:

Worthy are You to take the book and to break its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.

Do you see the mission? God’s mission is people!!! And we see the same description used in Revelation 7:9. When Jesus commissioned us to make disciples that means people. We can’t disciple medicine, construction materials, or a syllabus. Those things are not the mission; they are the tools of missions.

Holden: God’s Method

What is God’s method? Well, that’s a new question but the answer remains the same. God’s method is also people. I had this conversation with Alex and Holden before they arrived in Samana. And I reminded them of this while we were together.

HoldenTeaching English is a tool. The mission is people whether they are in a classroom desk or walking along side the water’s edge. Two of Holden’s students wanted to take him out for ice cream. Every mission volunteer who has worked in Samana knows how to get to the Bon Ice Cream shop! And that speaks well of building relationships – God’s mission is people!

One of the girl’s is named Faviola. She wants to be an attorney. The students and the church members have taken a great interest in Holden. He has met many people and seen many things. But whether he is in the classroom or walking through Samana, he is God’s method. His tool is education and he is using it well.

Applied Lesson

It doesn’t do much good to cover these points without remembering we are also God’s method. Each of is a ‘people’ with a mandate to reach other people with the Good News. What tools has God given you? Has your tool become your mission? Or, are you using it to reach people? Remembering His mission and His method can help make life (and its choices) pretty simple!

Soli Deo Gloria! 

Keith Burnett

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